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Jail & Bail 2015, YWL


Fundraising takes place now through                       Sunday September 11                                                   


The Jail & Bail will take place at      

The Reading Fall Street Faire                         

September 11    12:00 to 5:00                                                                          
 - Our Location at the faire is TBD


Karen Serevitch


        Understanding Disabilities helps children                                    to see beyond disabilities                                                      and focus on the ways                                                   We Are All the Same Inside. 



UD Jail & Bail 2015



Jail & Bail to Benefit UD - 2016 

Understanding Disabilities, Inc. is pleased to host JAIL & BAIL - 2016! 

Your participation in this fun and playful event is needed more than ever.  UD is excited to lead disability awareness efforts by offering this upcoming school year new and innovative programming.  Not only do our lessons specifically teach about respect and friendship, we are also teaching this year our newest lesson about emotional and behavioral disorders.  We thank you for helping us teach children                                                                   We Are All the Same Inside.

Won't you join us?

It's easy to participate:  Register yourself or your group below.  We'll provide you a custom email for you to send to your friends and associates.  This email will explain your jailing and raise "Bail" for you.  On the day of the Jail & Bail, our Keystone Kops will "Jail" you or some members of your group.  All we need is 15 minutes in jail, just long enough to have some fun and to turn in the "Bail" you will have previously collected through your custom email.  The email will also tell your friends what time you'll be Jailed, so they can come to our Faire-jail to visit you.

Raising Bail for UD is a rewarding experience for you and your donors. People are happy to support disability awareness education.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Even Easier:  Many folks join the Jail & Bail as a representative of a club/ organization/ team/ neighborhood, etc.  You can raise Bail from your group.  Members of your group can then raise additional Bail through their friends and associates.

We teach 150 classes each year, covering a range of disabilities and including 27 speaker sessions.  It costs $25,000 per year to deliver UD's powerful programming.  We are a self-funded organization, supported by donations from community members and local businesses.  We need your help.  Help us raise needed funds as you enjoy the Reading Fall Street Faire.

Please help us by joining the Jail & Bail FUN:

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Thank you for supporting UD and disability awareness.