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  LandSmart Plans for Vineyards

Funding is currently available for LandSmart planning on vineyard properties within Sonoma Creek watershed!

Vineyard lands are a vital part of Sonoma County's rural environment and agricultural economy. Responsible management of land and water resources keeps land productive and valuable, supports the production of high quality fruit, and builds a positive relationship with neighbors, all while protecting the environment. One way that vineyard owners can plan for and demonstrate stewardship of natural resources is by developing farm water quality plans that address non-point source pollution and other land management concerns commonly associated with vineyard operations. To learn more please sign up below!

These plans are designed to meet (or surpass) pending water quality regulations by addressing elements including:

  • Stormwater drainage, roads and waterways
  • Erosion control and sediment
  • Water use management
  • Agrichemical management


 To learn more, please sign up below!