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a few spots behind the building north of Lowther Ave. and west off Bedford Rd. and City Parking north of Bloor St. east off Bedford Rd.

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Please come scent free as some participants have sensitivities.


Spirituality In Health-Care Network


SHCN Chair 
Jeannette McCullough Psychotherapist RN

Steering Committee
John Thornton MD
Larry Nusbaum MD
Heloisa Porto Psychotherapist
Brandon L.D. Klayman
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Elder or Old? Navigating the Passage from Midlife to Elderhood with Marilyn Daniels 


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Integrating Spirituality and Health Care

SHCN September 26th Event will be rescheduled to a future date TBA.

Suggested Contribution $10.00
Friends House    60 Lowther Avenue    Toronto
(2 blocks north from the Bedford exit of the St George Subway Station)

As we approach our elder years we have a choice.  If we - or our clients - accept mainstream stereotypes of aging there is a grave danger that we may simply decline and grow old.  But if we can hold a different vision for our later years, and navigate the developmental challenges of growing older with courage and wisdom, something else is possible.  We can grow into true elderhood, the pinnacle of our psycho-spiritual maturity and contribution to the world.
Please join us as we explore how we can navigate the path of conscious elderhood…  

  • What is the difference between being old and being an elder?• How cultural stereotypes of the aged can limit us individually and culturally
  • Why we need a new, more empowering paradigm of aging and what’s at stake.
  • How do we transition from midlife into early elderhood?  Are there any roadmaps or developmental models that can help us make sense of the tasks at hand?
  • How can we hold a vision of who we might become in our elder years when those years will most certainly confront us with loss, illness and death?
  • And finally, time permitting, advice from the very old – what they wish they’d known at the beginning of their journey of aging.

Presenter:  Marilyn Daniels

MARILYN DANIELS, MEd, MA, CPCC is passionate about the contribution that the next generation of elders’ gifts and wisdom can make to the future of our world.  With graduate training in Cultural History, Counselling Psychology and Transformative Learning, her life-long work has focused on the intersection of how individuals and our culture can heal and transform together.  With over 30 years experience as a university and community-based educator, Marilyn is a writer, author, artist, facilitator and certified transformative leadership coach.    
Her journey into elderhood was initiated by her own experiences with death, dying and illness and has been inspired by indigenous elders, Buddhist teachings, the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, rites of passage and hero’s journey frameworks, The Conscious Aging movement, and The Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Conscious Aging program, which has licensed her as a Conscious Aging Facilitator.  To learn more about her please visit http://wisdomleadershipstudio.com/aging-eldering/

SHCN Chair: Jeannette McCullough Psychotherapist RN

SHCN Steering Committee: John Thornton MD, Larry Nusbaum MD, Heloisa Porto, Brandon L.D. Klayman

Parking: There are a few spots behind the building, North of Lowther Ave. and West off Bedford Rd.