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Karl Jeffery, publisher, Carbon Capture Journal


Monday November 28, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM GMT

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The Geological Society 
The Geological Society
London W1J 0BG
United Kingdom

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Update on Business Opportunities in CO2 Utilisation

Can a CO2 Utilisation industry help drive a carbon capture industry?
Monday November 28, 2016 at 9am - Geological Society, London

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Chairman: Karl Jeffery, publisher, Carbon Capture Journal
9.30 Introduction

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9.35 Hans Bolscher, one of the co-ordinators of Smart CO2 Transformation (SCOT) Project, senior consultant, Trinomics, and former Dutch project director for Carbon Capture and Storage at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The potential and hurdles for carbon capture and utilisation - and how it fits with carbon capture and storage
- and keeping a sense of reality

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10.05  Professor Colin Hills, technical director, Carbon8 Aggregates and Professor of Environment and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Greenwich
A business model making aggregates (building material) from waste and CO2


10.35 Pawel Kisielewski, chief executive officer, and Peter Hammond, chief technology officer, CCm Research
- How CCm is making valuable end products from CO2 - and accessing waste streams to create additional value
- A process which can be profitable on a stand-alone basis without government subsidy

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11.05 Break

11.30 Katy Armstrong,CO2Chem Network Manager, UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilization, the University of Sheffield
The need for a deeper understanding of CO2 utilisation from a policy perspective.


11.55 Mark Lewis, Low Carbon Manager, Tees Valley Unlimited
Carbon capture and utilisation options for Teesside
- Outcomes of the assessment of CCU in the area and the work ongoing to design a Carbon Utilisation demonstration centre


12.20 Max Beaumont, co-founder,  Skytree
A viable business model using CO2 captured from the air

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12.40 Discussion - how can the CO2 utilisation industry and the carbon capture and storage industry better support each other? With Hans Bolscher, senior consultant, Trinomics, and Belinda Perriman, commercialisation manager, Teesside Collective  (former Peterhead CCS project lead, Shell UK)

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1.00 Lunch and close

Conference producer: Karl Jeffery, publisher, Carbon Capture Journal

Background notes


The subject of CO2 utilisation is not new, but there has been a growth in interest and projects over the past year or so - and our forum in London on November 28 provides you with an update.

There are no perfect answers to carbon problems, but some answers are better than others. The question is whether CO2 utilisation can be one of the better answers - particularly if it can help drive carbon capture, or stand up as a business without subsidy.

And an interesting question is how the CCS and CO2 Utilisation industries can better work together.

We have speakers from Trinomics, CCm Research, The UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilization, Carbon 8 Aggregates, Tees Valley Unlimited and Skytreeproviding an update on CO2 utilisation opportunities to make building materials, fertilisers, plastics, and more.

We will present a system proving CO2 air capture you can run in your home - currently with a business creating CO2 supplies for aquarium owners, but perhaps one day providing CO2 for CO2 hungry 'vertical farms', using technology developed by the European Space Agency for removing Co2 from spacecraft.

Our opening speaker was Hans Bolscher, one of the main co-ordinators behind the European Union backed "Smart CO2 Transformation (SCOT) Project", and a former Director for Climate and Industry for the Dutch Ministry for Environment (VROM).

We heard from Colin Hills, technical director of Carbon8 aggregates, about how his company is making aggregates (building materials) out of powdered waste reacted with CO2.

We heard from CCm Research, a company in Oxford University Science Park, about how it is developing technology to react waste with CO2, make fertilisers, and plastics.

We heard from Mark Lewis, Low Carbon Manager, Tees Valley Unlimited, about Teesside's study into the business opportunities with CO2 Utilisation in the area and work to design a carbon utilisation centre.

We heard from Katy Armstrong,CO2Chem Network Manager, UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilization, University of Sheffield on what government policy could best drive a CO2 utilisation industry, and hear from a company which has a viable business model capturing CO2 from the air.

Delegates registered include Alfa Laval, Sales and Business Development; Azinor Petroleum, Technical Director; Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd, CEO; Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd, Finance Manager; CCSA, Policy Manager; Dentons, Managing Associate; Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Policy advisor, CCS; Element Energy, Low Carbon Energy Consultant; Energy Technologies Institute, CEO; Rocky Mountain Limited, President; RPS Energy, Consultant; Sasol E&P, Business Development Manager; Saudi Aramco, Researcher; Scottish Development International, Bus Dev Mgr; StrategicFit, Senior Consultant; Uniper Technologies, CO2 commercialisation Team leader; University of Sheffield, Programme Director, Energy2050; World Agroforestry Centre, Biomass Consultant.

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Further reading on CO2 Utilisation:

See our report from the Scot Project CO2 re-use forum in Brussels in June 2016.

See the Policy Exchange meeting in London in June 2016

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