Saturday November 12, 2016 10:00 AM to 4 PM

Sunday November 13, 2016 at 10:00 AM to 4 PM

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Elks Lodge 
3975 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80304
(North of Iris on 28th)

BMFPD Auxiliary


Florentina Cruz (619)977-3840  or Karen Branyan 

BMFPD Auxiliary

We need your support!

Proceeds from The Bakery at Boulder Mountain Handmade go towards support of the volunteer fire fighters in Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District, North Boulder's first line of defense against emergencies in our beautiful foothills.



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For more information about Boulder Mountain Handmade visit www.bouldermountainhandmade.com


FRIDAY  November 11 Drop off times:
   Pine Brook Hills from Noon -4:30pm at
  ELKS LODGE from Noon-5:00pm.
  BOULDER HEIGHTS, will be from Noon- 4:00 at      819 Peakview Rd.

We will be accepting drop-offs on
 Saturday 8:30am-4:00pm
 Sunday 8:30am-10:00am at the Boulder Elks Lodge. The sale ends at 4:00pm.


**Food Restrictions
Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate any items that require special handling or refrigeration. If you are a gluten free, nut free, or vegan baker please label your items accordingly and include an ingredient list if possible.



The Bakery 

Invitation to Bake for the 2016 Boulder Mountain Handmade ~ Bake Sale

For 2016,  Boulder Mountain Handmade will move to the more spacious and convenient venue of the Boulder Elks Lodge. In addition to accommodating a wider array of artists, this location will enable the BMH Bakery to be an even more prominent part of this 42-year tradition.

For the past several years the Bakery has been fashioned in a European style, featuring a broad selection of high quality baked goods created from scratch by members of our mountain community, attractively packaged and beautifully desplayed. At past events we have received extensive compliments from attendees on the quaility and presentation of our baked goods. The  Bakery has been a part of the solid source of funding of BMH, with 100% of proceeds going directly to support the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District.
Much of the success of our Bakery lies in the presentation and decorative packaging of our baked goods. If you agree to volunteer as one of our bakers, the BMFPD Auxiliary will provide you with  packaging materials upon request, or you can just deliver your baked goods and we will gladly package them for you. You can also be creative and do your own thing.
* Note we cannot accomondate any sort of special handling or refrigeration of baked goods.
* Please provide the list of ingredients used in the baked goods.

Given the larger venue of the Boulder Elks Lodge, we are seeking even more bakers to create an array of delightful goodies. Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate by forwarding this email to register. Let's make this our best bake sale to date!

Here are some suggestions for your baking considerations:
Homemade Candies
- Individual/ small bag (2 or 3) pieces / med bag(4 or 6) pieces   
Cookies, Brownies or Bars
- Individual/ small bag ( 2 or 3) , 4-6 in med bag or box
Cupcakes, Muffins, Scones, Cinnamon Rolls or Sweet Rolls
 - Mini size: 1/2 dozen  / full dozen 
 - Regular size: individual/ 1/2 dozen /full dozen
Quick Breads/Tea Breads or Coffee Cakes
- Mini loaf 
- Large loaf
Pies, Cakes & Tarts
- Fruit pies: 5" pie ,  reg 9" pie
- Specialty pies: 5" pie  / 9" pie  
- Cakes or Tarts:  whole or half cakes
- Specialty Cakes or Tarts:  whole or half
Savory Breads, Gourmet Breads, Braided Breads, Rolls
- Savory breads & rolls small/med/large 
- Gourmet & braided breads: small/med/large 
Thank you for your participation and support of Boulder Mountain Handmade Bakery!  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. 
BMFPD Auxiliary
Florentina Cruz (619) 977-3840
Karen Branyan