Monday September 19, 2016 at 5:00 AM PDT
Wednesday September 28, 2016 at 11:00 PM PDT

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Joy Smith 
Growing Wild 

Welcome to your

10 Day Anti-Candida Cleanse

What you can expect from an anti-candida cleanse

  • Lose 3-15 lbs of previously unbudgable weight
  • Enjoy a bounty of veggies and ample protein
  • NO starving or grumbling tummies
  • END your sugar addiction
  • Clear mind-fog
  • Discover how FAST you can prep these foods
  • Experience bursting,  sustainable energy
  • LOSE food guilt
  • Discover foods and combos that are likely new to you
  • Turn your kids into health-nuts
  • Detox buddies and daily coaching to keep you inspired and on track
  • Create lasting, no-brainer habits that will stay with you post-cleanse
  • Two jobs and 3 kids? We’ve got you covered! 

 How I will support you

Questionnaire to get to know you better

Instructional videos and emails on what to make, buy, eat, drink etc.

Daily communications, photos, videos, recipes, food education and ACCOUNTABILITY before, during and after the cleanse

Your own detox buddy

Daily coaching  for Q&A

Join me and an amazing online community of fellow cleans-istas

Let's get started!

Joy Smith

Owner of Growing Wild & Santa Cruz Dance Company

Zumba Education Specialist, ACE & AFAA Faculty

Graduate of Institiute For Integrative Nutrition

Gerson Basics Workshop & Internship at Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center & The Optimum Health Institute

Nutrition and life-style speaker and educator at Zumba Fitness Conventions in Orlando, FL. 2014, 2015 & 2016

Cost is $125

Earlybird price before September 19th is $99


Got Farmers Market? Buying food directly from the farmer is an enlightening and supportive experience!


No need to own a juicer or blender, though one or the other allows for easier juice and smoothie making. Fear not! Alternative recipes for the same effect provided.

Cleanse participants will be added to a private Facebook group reserved exclusively for your personal questions and check ins. Much support, information, ideas, inspirations, shortcuts and "Oh, good, it's not just me then!" can be gained by checking in to the Facebook forum daily.

Or hourly, if necessary :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 10 Day Anti-Candida Cleanse?

A: A ten-day re-education on eating to cleanse, kill off candida, repopulate healthy gut flora, balance acid/alkaline, reestablish healthy and efficient digestion, hydrate, discover and expand on nutrient-dense, plant-based proteins (though animal protein is permitted). Recipes and daily support provided.

Q: What will I eat/ drink on the 10 Day Cleanse?

A: This is a 100% REAL FOOD cleanse, focusing on a variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds and other and plant-based proteins and healthy fats (and options on how to prepare them). Discover recipes to bring these simple, sustaining and life-giving foods (as nature delivers) into your daily diet, during and after the cleanse. Create your own sauces, salad dressings, soups, veggie dishes, teas, cleansing elixirs and a bounty of natures "treats".


Q: What is the 5 day detox?

A: Five fast and furious days of extreme nourishment and detox. Emphasis is on hydration, green juices and smoothies and live, raw vegetables, and some fruits, with plenty of healthy plant-based proteins and fats. Recipes and daily support provided. This program is only availbale to grads of the 10 Day Cleanse.


Q: What do both the 5 day detox and ANTI-CANDIDA cleanse/detox programs have in common?

A:  The Growing Wild programs take two important yet distinct approaches to cleansing, detoxifying, nourishing and re-educating the participant. In a sense, they are two different roads to the same, ultimate goal ofachieving a sustainable, healthy, vibrant, energetic, pain and disease-free life.

*No gimmicks, powders, diet pills etc. Nothing to buy but fresh, real foods.

*Program overview, recipes, photos, how-to videos and food-education and enlightenment provided.

*Detox buddies, active forum for daily live coaching, Q&A and sharing among participants. Full accountability, coaching and community support. provided

*No: toxic, processed foods, soy, caffeine, gluten, dairy, alcohol or sugars.

*Daily pre-measured water for proper hydration.

* Suggested addition of probiotics for balanced gut flora.

*Cleansing and detoxifying though food; absolutely no fasting or calorie counting.

*Re-setting of palate so healthy foods are more desirable.

*Elimination of most food allergens during cleanse/detox period.

*Both programs designed to eliminate food addictions.

*Restore restful sleep.

*Reduce chronic-inflammation with anti-inflammatory foods and drinks

*Weight loss can be expected


 Q: What if I don’t follow the cleanse exactly? Will I fail?

A: While going full-out is encouraged, diversions from the proposed program are not considered failures. The closer one sticks to the proposed plan however, faster and more noticeable results can be expected.


Q: I hear of people doing both programs and even repeating the same one several times? What is the purpose of that?

A: Participants experience a positive and powerful momentum during the detox/cleanse period, and enjoy the daily education, support and engaging conversation of the group forum. Because each program can be done at varying intensities, one could repeat the same program and build from a “lifestyle” version, (re-adjusting their habits and learning the foundational concepts) to a “strict/therapeutic” version, or take the reverse approach. We understand that participants have individual goals in regard to their cleanse and we respect their chosen approach to each program. If continued participation in the programs offers the best support for your goals, we welcome and encourage you to stick with what is working!

Q: Can I participate if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: Pregnant and breastfeeding women are encouraged to take the “add-in” approach. The focus is not on detox but on nourishing the body by adding in the suggested nutrient-dense foods, smoothies and proper hydration. Excessive juicing is discouraged as it can trigger a rapid detox reaction. We encourage an eat-for-health-and-nourishment approach. Among the many benefits of the programs, participants have reported long, restful nights (for their babies, for the first time ever) when babies are no longer exposed to toxic, difficult to digest foods, and food allergens.


Q: Can I keep up my teaching, working and/or workout schedule?

A: While some report a loss of energy on day one, two or three of the cleanse/detox, others report increasing energy from day one. Results vary as one may experience a stronger to virtually undetectable detox reaction. Both programs can be adjusted to resolve concerns about possible reduced energy during the program period.


Q: What if I change my mind or have an unexpected change in plans, can I get a refund?

A: By the nature of an online program by which participants receive non-returnable, non-refundable intellectual property, participants are encouraged to fulfill their program in the timing that suits their schedule best. Access is given to a private group page that is loaded with recipes, photos and videos, as well as files that can be accessed and downloaded for personal use at any time. Refunds are not given once participants have recieved the program information.


Q: What if the suggested fresh foods and produce are difficult to find where I live?

A: It is our belief that this question indicates an important problem that must be addressed and resolved in order for your overall health and immune system to function in a healthy capacity. Support and resources will be provided to seek the best possible solutions for each individual situation.