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Friday November 18, 2016 at 6:00 PM EST
Sunday November 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST

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4488 Paddock Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45229

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Quanita Roberson 

QT Harvest and Gathering 

Fall 2016 

A Weekend of Quality Time that Changes Lives through Dialogue, Questions, Ritual, Stories, and Play

It is our belief and experience

  •  that human beings everywhere long for deeper and more meaningful connection. With themselves. With each other. With community. For some, with the unknown.
  •  that people sense that more is possible. That there is more to this life than the current patterns and stories that most of us live. More abundance. More kindness. More intelligence. Perhaps more simplicity.
  •  that people are inherently coded for community, connection and meaning making.
  •  that the time to explore together as friends is now! We are all being called to step up, take our place and fulfill our sacred contracts.

QT is an invitation

  • to experiment with real-time, deep inquiry.
  • to devote a weekend to the practice of being deliberately curious with friends.
  • to connect more soulfully to what is important to you.
  • to come into different relationship with stress and challenge.
  • to interrupt unhelpful patterns and thoughts that restrict vibrancy and choice.
  • to an ongoing series of dialogues that change human lives (building on QT Spring 2015 in Cincinnati and QT Summer 2016 in Utah).
  • to listen further to the whispers that come from soul.

At QT Fall 2016 we will explore together what is most present, potentially including

  • how to have meaningful conversation about race, difference, and equity. 
  • improving ability to sit with and witness each others’ stories. 
  • what you bring from your life, or life changing, that is holding your attention. 
  • the relationship between healthy masculine and healthy feminine. 
  • working with tensions in escalated extremism. 
  • radical authenticity in showing up anywhere we go.

 Hosted by:

Quanita Roberson: Quality Time, Quanita & Tenneson, Cutie, Que the T… all possible meanings of QT but my favorite by far is the cardiac term, QT that means the measurement between heartbeats. This is what this gathering means to me. It is a time to expand the space in our hearts, reconnect to each others hearts and time to remind ourselves of our global heart. The fact that I get to do this with Tenneson and that I get introduce him to people that I consider special is icing on the cake.


Tenneson Woolf: What I love about this gathering is that we are simultaneously welcoming the profound and the simple. The profound of bigger life stories that turn out to be more shared than most people tell us. The simple of the everyday that provides direction to what we do. Quanita is a friend and colleague that I have deep respect and love for, and that I find uniquely able to be in this full range. I'm looking forward to meeting more of her friends and colleagues.


Requested contribution to cover expenses is $150-200 (meals, snacks included)  Space is limited to 18 people. We start on Friday at 6:00 p.m. We eat. We check-in. We follow our appetites. We sleep. We start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, doing more of the same, including some time outside! We stop on Sunday at 1:00.

For more info

Contact Quanita (quanita@nzuzu.com; 513 476 0416) or Tenneson (tenneson@tennesonwoolf.com; 801 376 2213) by October 31, 2016.

Accommodation suggestions available on request through Quanita.


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