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Chris Long 
Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration 
(863) 640-0858 


If you, your company, or someone you know, are interested in providing an educational presentation at one of the Monthly Meetings please contact Erik Hickman at ehickman@pickettusa.com

Case studies are welcome, but company marketing presentations will not be approved.

FLSME Monthly Meeting Sponsorship

The Florida Section of SME (FLSME) is an affiliate of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, the premier society for mining professionals.  It holds monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month (unless there is a conflicting society event) beginning in September and continuing through June of each year.  Sponsorship for these meetings is vital to providing the continuing service that our membership expects and deserves.  Your sponsorship provides the necessary funding for our social hours, special programming expenses, insurance, security, and many other expenses that cannot be covered by our monthly meeting fees.  Sponsorship is a great way to give your company name recognition in the Florida mining industry, and attendance at monthly meetings gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with industry leaders.  You will be recognized at each meeting that you sponsor and on the Florida Section SME Website throughout the year.

After registering as a sponsor, please e-mail Chris Long at clong@bastechllc.com if you would like your sponsorship to apply to specific meetings. 

The following are preliminary dates and locations

DATE              VENUE                                                    NOTES

09/06/16          Eaglebrooke

10/04/16          No Meeting                                              FLSME Regional Mining Conference Month

11/01/16          Eaglebrooke                                             Joint SME/AIChE

12/06/16          Eaglebrooke                                            Manager's Night

01/03/17          Beef O'Brady's

02/07/17          Nichols Pavilion                                      Catered Luncheon

03/07/17          South Pasture - Holly Pavilion               Catered Luncheon

04/04/17          No Meeting                                             FLSME Annual BBQ for Scholarships Month

05/02/17          Eaglebrooke                                            Scholarship Night

06/06/17        Nichols Pavilion                                       Sponsor Appreciation Luncheon