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Bariatric Coaching
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What is coaching?

  • One-on-One personal back and forth dialogue between you and your coach about the things that matter most to you
  • An opportunity to be vulnerable and grow
  • A space where only YOU matter
  • Removing barriers/obstacles; creating and setting daily action plans; recognizing and utilizing your resources to get your goals
  • Laser like focus on your individual and unique lifestyle needs, geared for you and designed by you
  • Getting past the clutter in your mind and the noise that stands in the way of your progress towards your goals

How is coaching offered?

  • Convenient to your schedule - by phone, by video chat, in person, on any day at any time
  • Coaching is offered as four 30 minute sessions for $160

How do I sign up:

  • Click BELOW to register for your coaching spot
  • Once your registration is complete you’ll get an email from us to schedule the best date and time to get started
  • We’re ready to start tomorrow, are YOU?
Sandi & Wendy 
WLS Success Matters