2015 edition


NBS National Office  

NBS Professional Membership Registration 


NBS membership can be purchased individually or as part of a chapter block purchase.  All applicants must fill out the membership registration form.  The chapter advisor or coordinator must also fill out the Chapter Block Registration Master Order form.

Former members whose membership has been expired more than 15 days must also pay a $25 membership reactivation fee.

Former members and renewing members should also include their membership number in the application process.  The membership number can be found on your membership card and certificate or on the website at www.nbs-aerho.org.  (The membership list should be posted under the Join/Renew button by October 1.)

After filling in the information on the registration page (but before hitting the "Continue" or "Register" button) print out one copy for your records if you are paying by PayPal/credit card.  Print out two copies if you are paying by check or are part of a Chapter Block Membership Purchase.  Include one copy if you are paying individually when you mail in your check.  If you are part of a Chapter Block Membership Purchase, turn the copy into your advisor or the person coordinating purchase.

Student Renewal Deadlines (please use the Student Registration form) are:

  • November 1 for students who joined with a block membership the previous year
  • November 1 for individual student members who joined in Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec.
  • February 1 for individual student members who joined in January, February, March, and April
  • July 1 for individual student members who joined in May, June, July, and August

Professional Renewal Deadline is December 31

Students and professionals who are not affiliated with a college that has an NBS chapter, may join the National Chapter on an indivual basis.

To continue the registration process, click the button below.