Thursday, October 13, 2016                      -AND-                                      Thursday, November 3, 2016                    -AND-                                         Thursday, December 8, 2016                     -AND-                                      Thursday, January 12, 2017                     -AND-                               Thursday, January 26, 2017  

6:30-8:30 PM 
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Suffolk Department of Social Services 
Suffolk Department of Social Services
135 Hall Avenue
Suffolk, VA 23434

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Virginia Quality

Impacting Interactions Workgroup

You're invited to connect with our community of Leaders and Learners!

Participation in the Impacting Interactions Workgroup will help you become familiar with the indicators of quality assessed during the on-site observations required to obtain a Quality Level 4 or 5. It will also allow you to reflect on current program practices prior to requesting an on-site observation or receiving on-site technical assistance focused on the interactions. The sessions will support the completion of the Virginia Quality Level 3 Self Study form for Pre-K, Toddler, and Infant CLASS.  

Interactions between teachers and children support social and cognitive learning, significantly impacting school readiness. In addition to high quality materials and intentional teaching, children benefit most when they experience high quality interactions.

High quality early learning programs regularly assess their performance to determine what changes they can make to improve their services. The Level 3 self-study process is a guided format for assessing your program’s performance and identifying where you want to make improvements. This workgroup provides opportunities for you to collaborate and reflect as a group with other programs who are also working on their self-studies. These communities are facilitated by CLASS Specialists who have expertise in teacher-child interactions and the CLASS framework.

Attendees will receive a certificate for 15 training hours and support from Virginia Quality Technical Assistance Providers via group sessions and follow up phone calls or on-site assistance.

All group Learning Community Sessions are scheduled for Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  Short, 30-minute Working Chats are scheduled following each session during afternoon nap time to answer questions, provide feedback, and support your understanding of the Learning Session content.  

The content is delivered in a progressive format, with each session building on information shared at the previous session.  It is important for attendees to participate in ALL sessions.  View the full syllabus.

  • Session 1: Quality Interactions: The Basics - Thursday, October 13              Follow up 'Working Chat' phone call: October 19th 1pm
  • Session 2: Emotional Support - Thursday, November 3                                  Follow up "Working Chat" phone call: November 10th 1pm
  • Session 3: Classroom Organization - Thursday, December 8                         Follow up 'Working Chat' phone call: TBD
  • Session 4: Instructional Support: Concept Development -Thursday, January 12  Follow up "Working Chat" phone call: January 19th 1pm
  • Session 5: Instructional Support: Feedback + Modeling -Thursday, January 26 Follow up "Working Chat" phone call: February 2nd 1pm