Thursday November 10, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM CST
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4:00pm   Guests will enjoy an informal networking and introduction session.(Guests may wish to use this time to see where favored panelists will be stationed.)

4:30pm   In groups of 5-8 guests will have the opportunity to participate in focused discussions with five of our panelists. 

5:45pm   We'll end our evening with closing comments and informal follow-up and networking.


Cub Club Restaurant, Principal Park 
One Line Drive
Des Moines, IA 50309

Driving Directions 

Topics / Tables

  • Des Moines Social Club
  • Trails & Mobility
  • East Village Development
  • River Recreation
  • Des Moines Nightlife
  • Convention & Visitors Bureau
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Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa 
Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa 

Ideas In Action: Des Moines 101

Business Networking

The Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa hosted over 50 guests Thursday, November 10th at the Cub Club. Guests were provided a unique opportunity to engage in frank, face-to-face conversation with city leaders.

Rick Tollakson (table at right), President and CEO of Hubbell Realty, represented  the Water Trails and Green Ways  Steering Committee of the Des Moines Area MPO, discussing city plans for River Recreation. Gretchen Tegeler (not pictured) and Bob O'Hollearn (table at left) of the Taxpayers Association, educate guests as to the functions of the organization.

Guests explored various aspects of our city's development, including River Recreation, East Village Development, the Des Moines Social Club, Des Moines Nightlife, Trails & Mobility, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and learned more about their hosts, the Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa.

Jake Christensen (center), President of Christensen Development, discussed the next stages in the development of Des Moines' East Village, including national retail and senior living.

Guests enjoyed the casual atmosphere of the Cub Club while learning about the future of Des Moines from architects of our city's future.

Emcee'd by Abby Eckert of Principal Financial Group, the Des Moines 101 session of our Ideas In Action series received rave reviews from guests - this "speed networking" format, consisting of rotating 15 minute "round table" discussions, allowed guests to truly join the conversation.

Guests joined the Taxpayers Association fo Central Iowa for Ideas In Action: Des Moines 101, a unique event, and were able to connect with the men and women who are driving the direction of our city's growth. Guests learned from the architects of Des Moines' future and gained a greater understanding of how our city's development impacts & benefits the community, how both emerging and established resources are funded, and how their development effects us all as members of the community!

Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa presented 7 community leaders, each hosting a table of guests for five sessions of networking & discussion of his/her community focus. Scroll down for presenter bios 

Pete De Kock - Des Moines Social Club

Pete joined the Des Moines Social Club as Executive Director in 2015.  He leads the DMSC team with specific responsibilities around org strategy, team building, fundraising, community partnerships, and finances. Pete is committed to making his conscience public and building community, and has, "a very good and sound understanding of strategic planning." *Business Record 2.5.16

Meg Schneider - Trails & Mobility

 Meg is the Senior Vice President, Regional Business  Development for the Greater Des Moines Partnership,  the regional economic and community development  organization serving more than 5,300 businesses across  Central Iowa. Meg works on community wellness,  walkability, and has helped to launch the Urban Land  Institute’s Iowa District Council.

Jake Christensen - East Village Development

 Jake formed Christensen Development in 2003 as an  urban infill and historic renovation development  company based in Des Moines, Iowa.  The focus of the  company has been to create spaces within infill projects,  mixed use redevelopments, historic renovation projects  in downtown Des Moines and Omaha.  The company  has completed numerous historic renovations and other  builds to the benefit of Des Moines and the East Village.

Rick Tollakson - River Recreation

 Rick Tollakson is Hubbell Real Estate’s President &  CEO. As chairman of the Water Trails and Green Ways  Steering Committee of the Des Moines Area MPO, he is  uniquely qualified to speak to the Water Trails Plan  objective of creating a collaborative regional plan for  water trails and adjoining greenways in the Des Moines  metro area. 

Scott Carlson - Des Moines Nightlife

Scott Carlson is Managing Partner at Court Avenue Restaurant & Brewing Co. and Owner of Americana Restaurant Lounge, Gilroy's Kitchen+Pub+Patio, and The Craft Beer Tent. Former board member (9 yrs) of the Downtown Community Alliance and owner of several thriving community businesses, he will share a unique perspective on Des Moines nightlife.

Greg Edwards - Convention & Visitors Bureau

 Often seen on Channel 13's Catch Des Moines, Greg  Edwards is the President & CEO of the Greater Des  Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau. Edwards has led  the destination marketing efforts for Des Moines for  more than a decade. Don't miss a unique opportunity to  learn more about Des Moines' travel industry from the  city's premiere expert.