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Ariana Candell

  Northern California Ecotherapy Certification Spring 2017

Three Weekend Trainings in Northern California 


Join us for a nourishing, professional training and                 receive an Ecotherapy Certification!

You can bring your passion for the environment and our culture into your healing work, and your life, by learning                       activist-inspired Ecotherapy skills.

 You can:

-Develop nourishing, personal nature-practices to sustain you in these times

-Discover your unique path and steps towards Earth activism

-Learn nature-based interventions for clients whether you’re indoors or out

-Gain tools to create your own nature-inspired groups and workshops

-Receive the support of a dynamic, spiritual, Earth-honoring community


SAVE $100 if deposit paid by February 15th


Learn Ecotherapy in Beautiful Northern California:

-Establish a consistent nature connection practice that brings you inspiration, solace, and guidance

-Be part of a strong Earth-centered therapeutic community that supports and empowers you to explore and grow personally and professionally

-Gain sufficient knowledge and experience to confidently practice Ecotherapy outdoors within accepted clinical guidelines

-Understand and be able to articulate the benefits of Ecotherapy to clients and colleagues

-Be part of an emerging movement to promote mutually enhancing, sustainable relationships between humans and the natural world

-Know how to utilize Earth-based somatic and expressive art techniques and skillfully weave them into your current therapy practice

Clinical Ecotherapy Resources Include: 

- Effective indoor interventions and a framework for developing your own

- Clinical guidelines to assess and prepare clients for outdoor sessions

- Practical tips for facilitating individual sessions in natural settings

- Steps to develop successful outdoor workshops

- Guidelines to create transformational Earth-based rituals for clients and groups

- Legal and ethical considerations for practicing Ecotherapy


This program is designed for: licensed clincians and interns, counseling professionals, coaches, ministers, teachers, allied health professionals, healers, doulas, and more. We welcome all humans of any gender identity, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, and economic circumstance. 

"Ariana has been an extraordinary mentor and guide for me during my year-long internship in her Ecotherapy Program. She has inspired me to deepen my connection with nature and has fully supported me in discovering my own unique voice as an Ecotherapist. During my time working with her I received the skills, resources, and support that I needed to emerge confidently into the field of Ecotherapy."  

--Andrea Livingston, M.A., Community Engagement, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Until doing this course, I had just read what I could find in journals and on the internet. I’d had no discussions with other therapists working or wanting to work in this way. I also didn’t have a structured understanding of how Ecotherapy could work (the ‘nuts and bolts’). This course has made me far more confident in working this way with my clients, and I loved that I was able to try this out in ‘real time’ as I was moving through the course. I feel like Ecotherapy has been the missing piece in my work as a therapist and social worker, and this course has helped me to rectify that."

 --Maria Valastro, MSW, Senior International Student Adviser

Training Approach:
This training presents skills and principles primarily through a Somatic Ecotherapy perspective, and offers three unique and valuable aspects:


 1.    Support to develop your own authentic interventions  based on your personal connection to the land, Ecotherapy principles, and therapeutic modalities you already use. You’ll practice new techniques with other program participants and your clients, and receive supportive feedback and case consultation.

2.    The transformational power of learning and growing in an Earth-centered, transpersonal community. This will deepen your connection with the Earth and support you in cultivating the courage and conviction to live and practice healing from a place of interconnectedness with the Earth and all life. We will strengthen our community with time on the land, overnight retreats, case consultation and online sharing.

 3.    Integration of diverse and powerful healing modalities, reflecting the influences of Hakomi psychotherapy, Somatic practices and Authentic Movement. You’ll also receive training in: council skills, expressive arts, ancestor work, dream work, and mirroring from the Four Shields.

 The year culminates with a daylong event for friends and community in which each program participant will have the opportunity to offer a mini-workshop, ritual or seminar.


CEU’s available: This course meets the qualifications for 100 hours of continuing education credit for MFT’s, LPCC’s, LEP’s and/or LCSW’s as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. (provider #5417) 

Licensure hours: MFTI’s and other interns may count hours towards licensure.  


Hold your place with a deposit of only $197             (non-refundable) Limited to 12 participants.  Payment plans available.

SAVE $100 (if deposit paid by February 15th)


Early enrollment (including deposit of $197 paid by December 1):                     Interns/low income: $2,197 total

Licensed professionals: $2,497 total

Regular enrollment (including initial deposit of $197):                                     Interns/low income $2,397 

Licensed professionals: $2,697 total

Additional lodging fees are due the month before each weekend ($350 total)

Refund: Participants may withdraw from the training program within seven days after the first online gathering and receive 70% refund of the tuition. After that time, no refunds will be granted. Participants will be held to their contract agreement regardless of their attendance.

TWO PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS  available on first-come basis:                  Equity Scholarship (for those who identify as people of color, LGBTQ, or other  historically marginalized populations); Work-study position (helping out with various  workshop responsibilities)

                                                         Program Structure

Three 3-day weekend training retreats at Northern California locations, to deepen your connection with the land, learn and practice Ecotherapy interventions, build community, and receive group consultation.

14 Webinars: Ten practical, clinical webinars; and four Visionary Ecotherapy interviews with experts in the field

Four 30-minute individual consultations with Ariana to help you develop and integrate Ecotherapy into your work

Four online group consultations to integrate the articles and webinars

Ecotherapy reader with practical, step-by-step teaching handouts and essential background reading materials


Online group for professional support 

Email access to Ariana for quick questions

Weekend Training Dates, Locations, and Content:

March 23-26th, Salamander Camp Retreat Center, Santa Cruz Mountains: Introduction to Somatic Ecotherapy practices, Ecotherapy assessment questionnaire, council skills, mirroring from the Four Shields, ancestor relationships, Earth dreams, Authentic Movement in nature and indoor ecotherapy practices, developing your personal relationship with nature. 


April 27-30th, River’s Bend Retreat Center, Mendocino:                                  Urban Ecotherapy: therapeutic guidelines to prepare clients for outdoor sessions, how to facilitate successful Ecotherapy sessions in natural settings, Level I & II Ecotherapy, the therapeutic frame with nature as co-therapist, how to present Ecotherapy to your clients, first aid guidelines, legal and ethical issues.


June 1 - 4th, Big Basin Redwoods State Park,  Big Basin:                                  How to develop outdoor Ecotherapy workshops and rituals for groups, cultural activism: integrating the work of Joanna Macy with Ecotherapy, expressive arts and Ecotherapy, preparation for community Ecotherapy offerings, integration of your own personal Ecotherapy style, closing ritual.



1) Contact Ariana to set up a brief phone interview:  arianaca@sbcglobal.net

2) Make a non-refundable deposit of $197 to secure your space in the program. 

3) Send an email letter of intention (2-3 paragraphs) to arianaca@sbcglobal.net (within a week of your deposit), describing:

What you hope to gain from this program; your current relationship with nature; any somatic or Earth-based training you’ve received; and your clinical experience/certifications/license. 

For more information, contact Ariana Candell at arianaca@sbcglobal.net or 

(510) 255-1141

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 “Through her Nature-based teachings and therapeutic application of movement, art and sensory awareness, Ariana has increased my sense of oneness with (and responsibility for) the rest of Nature, while giving me a language to share these tools and interventions with my clients. As budding Ecotherapists, learning these techniques in a safe and supportive community has allowed us to hold space for each other, while leading and receiving the new tools we have learned. I look forward to a lifetime of deepening and sharing the Earth-based therapeutic skills I have learned from Ariana.”

 --Adriel McCluer, MFTI Registered Intern, Somatic Ecotherapist


"EcoTherapy is both a return to indigenous knowing and a frontier for psychology today. This program reconnects you to your own knowing and at the same time, introduces you to the necessary tools to share it with others. It offers numerous interventions, perspectives and practices that you can use in a clinical setting as well as in countless other healing arenas. I really learned so much about my own relationship to the earth and the other than human life with whom we share this place. I increased my consciousness and gained language for the human-nature relationship and experience. Doing so in community made that challenges easier and the joy amplified! I felt like I was participating in something important and meaningful on both an individual and global level."

--Kerry De Lima, MFTI, Community Mental Health Therapist


 Please contact me if you want to know more information or have any questions. arianaca@sbcglobal.net or 510 255-1141

Sending the fresh breezes of San Francisco Bay,



Ariana Candell, LMFT, R-DMT, Ecotherapist is a seasoned psychotherapist and a pioneer in the emerging field of Somatic Ecotherapy. Her passion is to transform the field of psychotherapy to include connecting to the natural world as an essential part of healing. Ariana is the founder and leader of a groundbreaking, Northern California Ecotherapy Training and Certification Program, now entering its third year. She facilitates workshops locally and internationally, including Online Ecotherapy Certificate Programs, Ecotherapy Consultation Groups, and seasonal outdoor retreats. She is also an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University. 

 A licensed therapist since 1995, Ariana adores taking individuals and groups into the East Bay hills for Ecotherapy, as well as bringing the power of nature indoors to her private practice in Berkeley. Her main therapeutic influences include Hakomi, Somatic Ecotherapy, and Dance/Movement Therapy . She has trained with The School of Lost Borders and is devoted to a daily spiritual practice with nature. http://arianacandell.com/ecotherapy.htm

Lili Nakita Kroutilina, MFTI, Ecotherapist,  will be assisting in the training. She completed Ariana’s 100-hour Ecotherapy Certification, and has been assisting her with trainings and workshops for over a year. Lili has worked in the mental health field with youth, adults, and the elderly for the last five years. She graduated from Sofia University with her Masters in Counseling Psychology, specializing in Creative Expression. An active teacher and practitioner of mindfulness meditation, she also has diverse experience working with individuals in the wilderness. Lili considers her relationship to the earth a sacred, spiritual practice that she hopes to inspire in others.