Pre-Order: "YOUR REIGN IS OVER" by Orrick Quick 

  Have you ever been around someone who was trying to intimidate and manipulate you? Does gossip actually stem from witchcraft? Can having a bad attitude cause you to miss out on God’s miracles? Can God really tell if we love him or not?

If you have asked these questions, this is the book for you! Pastor Orrick Quick, co-host of the innovative and straight-shooting talk show, “The Preachers,” offers insight into these questions and gives strategies for using your innate spiritual weapons against the enemy's tactics. Now is the time to let the enemy know, "YOUR REIGN IS my life, in my family and in my ministry!"

Learn how to overcome the spirits of defamation, bitterness and depression. Discover how to truly love God by discovering what He hates. Explore how the Spirit of Jezebel can hinder your "Fitted Blessings" from manifesting. Understand how God allows us to mature enough to handle the blessings He has for us. Pre-order your copy of this no-holds barred, thought-provoking literary work today!


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