Ithaca Heritage Tour Sampler
Saturday, November 12, 2016

You are cordially invited to participate in a Tompkins County Heritage Tourism sampler to highlight
the range of themes that are included in heritage tourism.

Drive to as many sites as you can in a three hour period!

After the tour, we will meet up at Argos Inn, 408 East State St. Ithaca, NY 14850, 4:00pm, for
an informal sharing of thoughts about the afternoon and to help us prepare for future events.

Enjoy a complimentary drink at Bar Argos as thanks for joining us!

Self-guided Tour  |  1:00pm–4:00pm

This is a walk/drive on your own sampler tour. Our preference would have been to include sites from all over the county but for this experience we are focusing on downtown Ithaca and Dryden (and the corridor that connects the two). The sites will incorporate art work, historic buildings, a cemetery, and landscapes. Native American and African American history, architecture, aviation, silent movies, higher education and more will be woven in. If you choose this option you will be sent a link to PocketSights in advance that will have a brief description and location of each site, and any other details you will need. You will also receive by e-mail a sheet for writing down information that will demonstrate that you visited the site. Some sites, but not all, will have someone to provide a brief, historical overview. 

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The Ithaca Heritage Tour Sampler is brought to you by


This event is made possible in part from a grant from the
Tompkins County Tourism Program.



About Ithaca Heritage

Ithaca Heritage is the gateway to discovering the incredible local history and culture embedded in the landscapes of Tompkins County. This unique mosaic of a small cosmopolitan city, historicvillages and rural vistas houses a wealth of experiences and narratives waiting to bediscovered. We will help you uncover these stories of our past and present as we guide you onyour heritage journey, integrating academic knowledge with local wisdom to peel back the hidden layers of experiences packed within this small geographic area. Join us and be captivated by the cultural, historic, and natural resources within Ithaca and the surrounding communities. We are here to show you how we make history every day.


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