November 16, 2016
9 - 11:30 am Pacific Time
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The World Cafe Community Foundation 

World Cafe Community Cafes 


These monthly Community Cafes are a response to a community-wide inquiry into the needs and capacities of our global community of practice. Collectively, we asked for them, and collectively we are delivering them.

No matter where you live on this beautiful planet, your voice is welcome and needed as we create hospitable space together online.

Let's get to know one another and learn from each other, connect through our diversity, and weave the web of our global perspective as an international community with these regular Community Cafes.

See you there!

These World Cafe Community Cafes are free of charge & produced entirely on a volunteer basis.

Your support for the World Cafe community of practice & these Community Cafes is crucial.

Please contact us to volunteer your time and expertise, and/or make a financial contribution (everything is helpful) via the Contributions page on the World Cafe website.