Wednesday January 4, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST
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Ray Fisher 
ASA of Michigan 

Increase Your Sales Smarts - A 4-Part Webinar Series To Increase Shop Profits 

With customer visits dropping and car counts shrinking, we’ve found that a number of our members have been struggling with sales on the vehicles they do have in the shop. ASA Ohio/Michigan have teamed up with Rick White from 180BIZ to bring to you a live four-part webinar series designed to increase your sales smarts NOW!  Are you meeting your profit goals? 

Year after year, Rick White of 180BIZ has been helping independent automotive shops reach their profit goals.  He will be presenting tips and strategies live in four key areas of the sales process. Attend these sessions, apply what you learn and watch your sales confidence increase and bank account grow.   The webinars are:

 WEEK 1: Connecting for Cash

 January 4th – 12:00 Noon- 1:00 PM

 Thinking that fixing the vehicle right the first time is all you have to do to create loyal customers is dead wrong! Fixing it right the first time isn’t a differentiator, it’s an expectation. To grow loyal customers today, it’s all about the experience. And their experience starts with how you connect with them. This one hour webinar will take your focus off the vehicle and onto the customer which is where it belongs. You’ll get strategies that you can implement immediately in your shop. We’ll show you:

  • How to genuinely connect with someone
  • How to reduce their stress and increase their trust in you
  • How to identify and work with their unique buying style

WEEK 2: Maximizing Opportunity

January 18th – 12:00 Noon- 1:00 PM

Now that you have the vehicle at the shop, what you do next is critical. With lower car counts, just fixing their concern isn’t a viable long-term option. Armed with the insight you’ve gained from your customer conversation, this webinar will help you maximize your current opportunity by helping your customer achieve their goals and guiding them through that process. We’ll

  • Help you identify and deal with common bottlenecks in your shop that are robbing you of money every day
  • Show you the one thing you must do today to grow your business
  • Show you the difference between hunting and farming, and why that’s important to you

WEEK 3: Presenting for Profit

February 1st – 12:00 Noon- 1:00 PM

After listening to sales calls over the last ten years from advisors from all over the country, I can tell you the auto repair industry makes money in spite of itself! In this fast paced webinar, you’ll learn how to

  • Present positively
  • Keep your customer’s stress down
  • Ask for the sale with confidence

WEEK 4: Overcoming Objections

February 15th – 12:00 Noon- 1:00 PM

After following the recommendations you’ve learned in the last three webinars, you’ll be dealing with objections a lot less. When you do get them however, wouldn’t it be nice to figure out how to deal with them?

  • In this webinar, you’re going to learn
  • The difference between a complaint and an objection
  • The best time to deal with an objection