Saturday, January 7, 2017 
7:00  to 9:00 PM PT

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Sunrise Center 
645 Tamalpais Drive
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Corte Madera, CA 94925

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Sunrise Center 
Sunrise Center 
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The Partner Connection: A Pre-Tango Workshop

with Jean-Pierre Sighe
and Oshalla Marcus

for couples and self-paired singles

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To dance the Argentinean Tango well, like a good relationship, requires a desire and commitment.

Many have hesitated to take on the form, not due to lack of desire, but rather the required commitment. However, beyond its complexity, Tango is still an improvisational dance that can be danced by those with a willingness to play in the essential aspect of the dance. That is: The Connection.

The connection is the ability to walk together in harmony, to create a third axis that is more dynamic than an individual standing or walking alone.

In our time together we explore the ability to stand and walk alone with power and the necessity of maintaining that power when in connection with a partner.

We will introduce an exercise in flow. Giving and Receiving with grace.

Those who choose to lead will learn how to lead without force, and to initiate the next step by suggestion.

Those who choose to follow will learn how to follow while understanding that they are at "the center of the dance."

The Pre-Tango Connection Workshop is for you if you are...  
A novice or a non-dancer, who at least once, wistfully admired from the sidelines two people dancing together in lyrical flow. 

A creative soul who loves to dance. It is your ultimate expression of freedom. You have been attracted to the Tango or other forms of partner dancing but require more spontaneity. No choreography.

In a relationship that may benefit with an infusion of dancing together in connection.

Single, sexy, and open to experiencing life to its fullest with an old friend or a new date.

In love with Contact Improvisation and the music of Tango.

A couple or two single friends who want to learn together.

If any of these statements ring true, this workshop is the place to be.

Come, join us.


Rave Reviews for The Partner Connection
from the October 2016 class

"The teachers carried me forward on my Tango journey, and now I am ready to commit to Tango alone."   ---Steve

"Very clear. Jean-Piere's descriptions were even poetic. I liked the emphasis on learning walking, improv, and not steps!"  ---Sally

"Jean-Pierre and Oshalla's method of demonstrating the energetic and visceral connection between dance partners is so wonderfully foundational. We understand now how to connect empathically. The definition of "leading" is forever changed in me. Dance is about inviting, awareness, protecting the connection. Beautiful!"   ---Pia

"Absolutely loved the workshop. Did a few tango lessons in the past, but this evening conveyed the essence and made enjoyable what was a bit tedious in the past."  ---Jitendra

"Tango is far more than a dance for two. It is a journey into connection. Your connection with yourself and your partner. I could dance endlessly into the night. I encourage you to sign up today!"  ---Celestine

" A gentle, informative, intuitive experience of learning how to flow, lead, follow, connect. A sweet way to spend an evening with a friend or beloved."  ---Ritch

Register Now! This class is limited to 7 pairs. Register right away before it fills!
When you register, please be sure to add your partner's name under the Guest Information heading so we'll have an accurate numbers count.


Jean-Pierre Sighe

Jean-Pierre Sighé of West Central Africa’s Cameroon grew up in an environment where dancing was part of normal living, he later discovered the Latin dance styles and immediately felt their appeal. Living in Paris, he delighted in Salsa

In 1998, he was invited to discover the Argentine Tango. He intensely and exclusively studied with his first teachers Alberto Paz and his partner Valorie Hart. and later with Tango Masters, Carlos Gavito (and Marcela), Fabian Salas, Chicho (Frumboli), Julio (and Corina); while attending  workshop intensives with Eduardo and Gloria, Fernanda and Guillermo, El Indio, Todd and Marizabel. Jean-Pierre has been dancing Tango since 1998 and believes everyone of these Tango Masters opened an enriching window in his mind, including the great Afro-Argentinean Tango Master, Fecund Posadas.

Jean-Pierre is a founding member of A.R.T.S. (Afro Roots in Tango Society), which is dedicated to spreading the little known information about the Afro roots in Argentine Tango, dating all the way back from the Candombe of the African slaves and their descendents.

His motivation for teaching Tango derives from his desire to share with others the beauty of this wonderful gift to the world from the Argentinean people. He does not want to simply teach a set of steps following some futile pattern. Jean-Pierre desires to faithfully transmit to others what he has had the privilege to receive directly from the Tango Masters -- the spirit of Tango.

Oshalla MarcusOshalla Marcus is professionally trained in both Classical Modern and Folk Traditional Dance forms with an emphasis on Latin and West African techniques. She accepted Jean-Pierre Sighe's invitation to Tango in January 2016 because she was attracted to the storytelling and beauty of the form as well as to the sense that it was a dance that could be cultivated and taught for her lifetime. She has since been a dedicated and passionate student and is looking forward to refining and expressing herself fully in the dance. 

Ms. Marcus is a Wellness Professional who trained in India to receive her Certification as a Yoga Instructor, in addition to certifications in Pilates Mat and Advanced Bodywork Therapies. Her work with students and clients is committed to bringing out radiance and creative expression while her expression of artistic mediums seek to  emotionally engage and inspire actions that heal.

She is a graduate of the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) with a focus on the connection between physical, meta-physical, emotional  and environmental health.

Oshalla has teamed up with her partner in the Argentinian Tango, Jean-Pierre Sighe, in co-facilitating the Pre Tango "Connection" Workshop that shares with students the basic skill necessary to be a good partner -- the ability to connect and move in sync.

No dance experience is necessary to attend! For couples and self-paired singles.

Register Now!This class is limited to 7 pairs. Register right away before it fills!
When you register, please be sure to add your partner's name under the Guest Information heading so we'll have an accurate numbers count.