Thursdays: 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Session One: January 19, 2017

Session Two: February 16, 2017

Session Three: March 16, 2017

Session Four: April 20, 2017

Session Five: May 18, 2017


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Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin
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T.R.A.I.L.S.  2017

Transitions for Raising Autism Independence and Living Skills

What is T.R.A.I.L.S.?

Plan for adulthood for your teen with developmental disabilities

Do you have solid plans for your child when they become an adult?  Don't wait until your child is an adult to start planning for the future. Begin the journey today with  our Transition Series (TRAILS). This series is designed to help you understand the types of decisions you & your child will be facing as they come of age. 

Don’t wait, TRAILS will assist you in blazing a trail tailored for your teen's adulthood – begin the journey now.


SESSION 1: The Transition IEP.
Learn more about transition IEP's and how to make sure your students's PTP is robust enough.
Are you ready for when the school bus stops coming? This session will help you know what to ask for, know what your rights are and what you can expect from your school district as your child transitions into adulthood.

SESSION 2: Encounters with Law Enforcement
This session provides an overview of what to expect in an interaction with law enforcement. 

SESSION 3:  Repetitive behavior: An Autistic Perspective.
We will provide help understanding repetitive, self-stimulatory behaviors (also known as stimming) from the perspective of the individual and give tips and strategies for dealing with harmful stims.  

SESSION 4:  Guardianship and Supported Decision-making.
Answer questions like will your child be able to make decisions on their own and what type of support do they need. Do they need a legal guardian and what options are out there? This session will help put you on the path to address these questions for the future.
SESSION 5:  Understanding SSI and how to Apply.
Talking about how to understand Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and how to apply will be covered in the session. Everyone can benefit from attending this informative session as legislation continues to change.

Cost per Session is $20.00
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Adults on the spectrum please use promo code: AOS2017 for a special $5.00 per session rate.

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