Dr.Susan Biali 
  Your Personal Invitation to the

Live a Life You Love Club (2017 Canadian Edition) 

 Do you feel overwhelmed or paralyzed by how frustrating, disappointing, or "crazy busy" your life has become?  Do you feel stuck and long to build a more meaningful, healthy & balanced life?

I used to be depressed and disillusioned. I couldn't maintain the unbalanced pace of my life, and the path I was on was killing me. I was lost.

It still astonishes me how much my life and circumstances have improved, as a result of different factors: surviving hard lessons, learning to make better choices, praying for (and receiving) help and guidance, studying what makes people thrive, and learning to be much more intentional with daily and more far-reaching choices. 

 I have been coaching women from a variety of countries and backgrounds for a decade now. I know about searching for purpose, about turning your health habits around and living with more joy and meaning. I know what it's like to face obstacles, fears and doubts, and have dedicated my life to helping people like you.

"Through my work with Susan via the Live a Life You Love Club I learned lots of strategies which have helped me get more comfortable in my own skin and have helped me deal with life's curve balls. I now feel better equipped to deal with my journey through life...Thank you Susan for helping me."                                                 - Zahra L., Canada (Premium Member)

In 2013 I created the first Live a Life You Love  Club, a local in-person dinner club. I was thrilled with the changes in the lives of the  women who joined. In 2014 I expanded internationally, and in 2015 I added a Basic Membership option which offers a more affordable, simple program.

Since 2016, at the Premium Membership level each Premium member now has a one-on-one personal coaching session with me, every month.  All members. both Basic and Premium, also now have the opportunity to connect with each other (and interact with me) via a secret Facebook page. 


                                                       Premium Club Retreat in the Rockies 2014

 Your privileges as a Basic Member of the Live a Life You Love Club will include 12 months of:

  • Monthly learning modules with custom-created reading materials containing actionable information (my favorite concepts and inspirations)
  • Monthly self-development worksheets, exercises and action plans
  • Monthly accountability updates sharing your progress with Dr. Biali
  • Monthly Audio Recordings where Dr. Biali  discusses the month's topic and provides additional information from a variety of perspectives
  • A Private Facebook Page where you can share and interact with each other

Premium Members have all of the above AND additionally enjoy:

  • *Personal Monthly One-on-One Coaching Calls* with Dr. Biali - you'll be personally coached for 30 minutes each month, focusing on your progress & challenges, strategizing & cheering you on  
  • *Personalized one-on-one email access to Dr. Biali* - check in with me regarding your progress at any time to get advice and encouragement   
  • A potential Club Retreat option - if there is enough interest among members, you will have the opportunity to go away with me, at no additional cost to you, to relax, reflect and play!*

*costs of meals & travel/hotel not included, members will have input into retreat locations whenever possible

"The gift of your coaching provided more blessings than I ever imagined.  You've taught me how to be at peace with myself when 'life happens'."                                     - Sue Schwartz, Arizona (Basic Member)

"I have found the space in my mind, heart, and life to focus on the things I really want to do.  In turn, the desire to escape overseas to a new life dissolved, and I found myself living the kind of life I no longer wanted to escape from."                       - Louise M., Australia (Premium Member).

This unique 12 month program is designed to help you with:
  • Exploring purpose and your passions/gifts 
  • Valuing yourself and reinforcing your innate worth
  • Getting unstuck, removing obstacles and moving into action
  • Examining and taking steps toward your dreams and goals
  • Enjoying more positive emotions, gratitude and contentment
  • Breaking bad health and food habits, improving nutrition and vitality
  • Understanding and learning to apply anti-aging wellness principles
  • Reversing burnout and overwhelm and enjoying rejuvenated energy
  • Improving the quality of your relationships
  • Exploring and celebrating your natural creativity & more fun and play


The program is designed with busy women in mind: you'll only need on average 30-60 minutes a week, at the most, of your time. 

"This year in the Live a Life You Love Club has been a year of major positive change for me personally and professionally, with things unfolding in ways I could have never envisioned. I have gotten something out of all of the topics we have covered this year, in more ways than I can describe."                                             - Denise Pelletier, Canada (Premium)

Basic Members will enjoy all the curriculum readings, exercises & action plans, accountability reporting (emailed to me monthly) and monthly audio teachings. 

Premium Members additionally enjoy the intimate monthly phone coaching sessions, ongoing dedicated personal email support & accountability from me and the potential option to attend a retreat away together with me. 

....for an investment in yourself and your life of just:

$35/month + GST for a Basic Membership  OR

$135/month + GST for an All-Inclusive Premium Membership

So would you like to join us? Are you ready to commit to yourself and an intentionally-lived life in a whole new way? Is it finally time for you to make those changes?

Because I work closely with Premium members for an entire year, I build the Premium Club by personally reviewing all applications. I am looking for passionate women who are ready to embrace this process, who are ready to commit to themselves. (If you are interested in the Basic membership level you will automatically be accepted for the 2017 program)

If you'd love to join us, click on the "Register Now" button below to fill out the application form.

The Club will launch January 9th, 2016 (you'll receive your first reading) **As an Early Bird Bonus, the first 5 Premium Club Members who successfully apply will receive a complimentary one hour private phone coaching session (a $299 value)  **members who qualify will receive notification and information on terms and conditions via email

Click on the button below to begin your application. And congratulations on taking this step to honour and celebrate YOU - let's do all we can, together, to make it an amazing year.