Monday February 13, 2017 at 12:00 AM EST
Sunday March 5, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST

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Lauren L'Amour 
Life Visionary Center for Coaching 

Grow Your Business and Your Life with Small Daily Actions 

and still

Make 2017 Your Biggest Year Yet!!!

LifeVisionary's “Get It Done” Group Program



Does any of this ring a bell?


  • You notice others growing their business or achieving their dreams faster than you
  • You paid for a course but never did anything with it
  • You’re embarrassed at how much you procrastinate 
  • You’re frustrated at how slowly you’re getting things done
  • You get distracted and jump from one shiny object to another, never finishing
  • You could make a lot more money if you could just take consistent action 
  • Your self-esteem drops as you accomplish less

We can help! 

The three scientifically proven ingredients that ensure your success:

Accountability, Support and Coaching

We have all three! 

Special Bonuses for joining us today!

    Get Support and Stay on Track   

  •  Imagine the feeling of ticking off every goal on your to-do list!
  •  Experience the satisfaction of being a productive powerhouse…
  •  Imagine not having to work alone…..

We'll show you how....

Join us online for this exclusive program
and avoid losing momentum this year!

Make a decision, say "Yes" to your goals and finally Get it Done in 2017!

This Group's Theme: "Think and Grow Rich for Women,"
            by Sharon Lechter

"It dawned on me that it's because I'm doing this small steps every day approach.  My mind isn't all cluttered with what I need to do, worrying etc.  And I've moved so far  forward.  AMAZING to experience having more time." Natasha Solovieff, Author, Parenting Expert, Blogger at OMGParenting.com

  Doors Officially Open

Monday, February 13th!

(but you can start working today, join us!)


Sign On Now and you will receive

Free additional "Prep work" exercises AND

a 30 minute Private Coaching session

with Lauren L'Amour to help

you hit the ground running on the 13th!!

Go to "Register Now" button at bottom of the page! 


Let's Work Together and Get It Done!


Meet your Tribe and Mastermind and make new friends!

We guarantee that if you simply devote a minimum of 15 minutes a day to your project, you will look back in the Spring and exclaim:  

 "I got done in 4 weeks what would have taken me
5 years on my own!”   
~ Shannon, Author, Author,Teacher,Artist,  WI

Get started with us Today!

Seats are very limited as groups are kept small and intimate. This is part of the brilliance of how the "Get it Done" groups work!

If you want to be talking like Shannon by the Spring, and you know you’re in,

Go to the "Register Now" button at page bottom

A clock with the words No Time Like the Present telling you to get things done now and not put them off or procrastinate, in order to accomplish goals and achieve success in life


Need more details? 

 "Get it Done Groups" are on-line, high touch, highly interactive, and actively coached goal achieving groups that are available to you 24/7, anywhere in the world.

  • You will join a small and exclusive group who will be working on their goals, just like you.
  • Instead of working alone and without accountability and support, you will be supported, reported and coached to achieve your goal!
  • In addition to all of that, in this Get it Done Mastermind, you will also be instructed on how to use the 6 steps to Manifesting in Napoleon Hill's,  "Think and Grow Rich."  
  • You will not only read about the 6 Steps to Manifesting, you will be working them daily, as an overlay to your other goals.

Talk about supercharging your Goal Achieving!

You will be instructed to use the material the very same way that Bob Proctor taught me how to use it and how he still works with it today!

We will definitely be taking your Goal Achieving  to a whole new level!

Below is an example of the online group page  and where you will be checking in daily.
Grab your spot today and we'll make progress together!


What else is included?

*   Live Monthly Coaching calls and Q&A's where you can ask questions and be coached by me, Lauren L’Amour!

*  An active forum and chat feature where you will be interacting, learning and sharing resources regularly.

Full money back guarantee: Show up and do your work, just 15 minutes a day, and if you don't see progress we will give you a full refund. (see guidelines below)

By the end of the program you will:

  1. Be blown away by how much you have achieved without feeling overwhelmed, overworked or stressed out!
  2. Created habits for Law of Attraction success that you will continue to use!
  3. Developed a wonderful network of supportive like-minded friends!

If this sounds exciting to you, join us today.
We would love to have you with us!


(Guidelines for guarantee: You must check in and work on your goal a min of 5 days/week and comment/support your fellow group members a min of 3 days/week for the time you are enrolled.)