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Gourmet Potatoes and Mushrooms Pre-Order

We are pleased to bring you two new exciting developments in home-grown edibles: gourmet potatoes and gourmet mushrooms. With this pre-order you can explore your different culinary options and choose the most exciting edibles for your 2017 gardening and cooking pleasure.

After you've noted which items you want, click on the Order Now button at the bottom of this page to order them. We will email you when they are available for pick-up. The estimated date is March 17th, 2017.

Giving Gourmet Potatoes or Gourmet Mushrooms as a Gift? Use this attractive form to give to the lucky person. Fill it out with your details and they can use the form to pick up their items in the spring!

Earth Apples Gourmet Seed Potatoes

EarthApples gourmet seed potatoes are the new, fun way to plant potatoes. We bring you 10 different colourful, versatile potato varieties and make them super-easy to grow. Each variety has different sizes, colours, textures, flavours, and different uses in the kitchen. Mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato salads, french fries, baked potatoes, hashbrown potatoes, scalloped potatoes: there's a perfect variety for all these delicious dishes. Plant EarthApples in a garden bed or in containers on your balcony or patio. They are easy to grow if you follow the simple instructions: Growing Instructions.

We have 10 different varieties of potatoes to choose from. Learn more about the potato varieties.


Champignons Maison Gourmet Mushrooms
The new "Chia Pet" for the Foodie Revolution

Champignons Maison Gourmet Mushrooms are kits for growing your own organic mushrooms at home in your kitchen. It's easy and all you need is a little counter space. All you do is soak your block of mushroom culture over night then place on your counter and mist 2-3 times per day. In about two weeks you'll have mushrooms sprouting right on your kitchen counter that you can harvest and cook much to the amazement of you, your family and your friends! It's a great, novel project to learn about and be amazed by fungus that ends in a delicious food to prepare in the kitchen. 

We have 4 different varieties of mushrooms to choose from. Learn more about the mushroom varieties.

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Canadian Mail Order Customers: We have not yet decided if we will add these items to our 2017 mail order listings. If you'd like to order them, please order them here. When we email you in the spring that it is time to pick-up, please email us back to tell us you'd like us to ship. Canada Post rates apply. If you place an order for plants through our mail order system you can put a note on your order to add this pre-order with your plant order.