Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM PDT
Monday, April 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM PDT

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Center for Mediumship 


Torrance Marriott Redondo 
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, CA 90503

Driving Directions 

4-day Mediumship Intensive &

Mediumship Clinic with Andy Byng


 4-day Mediumship Workshop (Torrance, California)

Join Arthur Findlay Tutor, Andy Byng for a 4-day mediumship intensive.   During this workshop you will learn how to connect more clearly and communicate better with those in Spirit.  Andy will teach you different techniques to expand your mediumship and help get that WOW factor in your communication.  He believes in allowing the Spirit to lead the communication, a more natural way of mediumship.


Andy is a highly regarded, gifted Mediumship teacher. He has the unique ability to tune in to his students and pin-point issues that arise within their link with Spirit.  Studying under Andy is an opportunity to deepen your mediumship connection in ways you may not have thought possible.
Note:  This workshop is not suitable for beginners.  You should already be in development.
Schedule:   Thursday 4/13:    9:30am - 6pm
                      Friday      4/14     9:30am- 3pm
                      Saturday 4/15     9:30am-5pm
                     Sunday   4/16     9:30am-6pm
Workshop Cost:  $595



Andy's all-day Mediumship Clinic (Torrance, California)

Join British Medium and AFC Tutor, Andy, for an indepth all-day mediumship clinic. Andy is considered one of the best teachers in mediumship, with an intimate understanding of the Spirit World.  

Mediumship Clinic  Monday, April 17th 10-6pm: A day of training with Andy Byng. All-day Mediumship Clinic in Torrance, CA.  Andy shares helpful techniques and practical exercises to assist you in working through those mediumship "kinks" and developing your mediumship to the highest potential. 

Clinic Cost:  $195 


Hotel Accommodations:  The workshop takes place at the Torrance Marriott Redondo, located at: 3635 Fashion Way Torrance, CA 90503-4809, (310) 316-3636.  Hotel parking is discounted at $10/day.   For those commuting to the workshop, the Del Amo mall is only a few minutes walk and has a free parking garage (if you prefer not to park at the Marriott). 

Also, there are several nearby hotels (Best Western & Extended Stay that are significantly less expensive) and in walking distance to the Marriott.



                                                                               About Andy:

Andy has dedicated nearly half of his life to the development of mediumship, and to the study of spiritualist philosophy.  Andy works tirelessly as a demonstrator and teacher across the UK, in Europe and in parts of Canada, reuniting people with their loved ones, and helping students to discover and refine their own mediumistic potential, as well as deepening their understanding of the art of mediumship. 

Andy considers mediumship to be an art form insofar as the medium plays an active role in interpreting the evidence received from the spirit communicator. Indeed, the medium is essentially a storyteller whose job it is, through expressing the emotions and practical evidence of the spirit person, to retell and bring alive the story that the spirit person wishes to communicate. Like all artists, mediums too have to refine their art form, and Andy believes that this is best achieved by placing emotion at the centre of mediumistic expression: helping students to learn to communicate through the feelings of their soul, and to surrender to the power of the spirit communicator. This not only allows the medium to express what the spirit person needs to communicate, rather than the medium trying to control the direction of the narrative, but it also enables the medium to interpret more successfully the information they receive, allowing the student to develop both the emotional and practical evidence that gives depth and brings life to the communication itself.

In order to reach their potential, Andy believes that every medium needs to receive a rounded mediumistic education: intensive, practical mediumistic development; a strong grasp of the philosophical ideas and concepts that underpin mediumship; and the tools that enable the medium to develop and foster a relationship between their soul and the power of the spirit world itself, namely through sitting in the power and self-development. This will cause the true medium to undergo a process of self-transformation, enabling them to spiritualise their mediumship by discovering for themselves the reality of their own soul and the power of the spirit world.

Andy attempts to provide his students with a well rounded education by combining practical mediumistic-development, philosophy and self-development within his teaching, which he delivers in a rational and sensible way, while providing students with an encouraging and safe environment in which they can freely express themselves, enjoy the experiences they have with the spirit world, and gain the confidence and tools to embark on their own personal journey of self-transformation.