Friday, May 12th  (Save the Day)

Exhibition, Audiovisual, Press $10 Reception, empanadas, wine & more* 6:30pm-8:30pm

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 1600 New Hampshire Ave., N.W, DC 20009        

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Daniel Manzoni, Director
703.212.5850 despues de 5pm 
info@festivalargentinousa.org   www.festivalargentinousa.org


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Exhibition: The Festival Argentino "Our History" 

Audiovisual will be runing from 6-8:30pm at the Embassy of Argentina on May 12th

Please join us for for the opening exhibition audiovisual created by the 30th Argentine Committee to connect the Festival to the community through performing arts to be seen in the Room Malvinas Argentinas that runs through clips, tango, folk, rock and pop of Argentine and Latin American music of our past performances.

The banners represent why we are the oldest grassroots Fest Argentino in the USA; and how Argentines & other Latinos & immigrants in diaspora use festivals to make their communities visible and to keep cultural connections alive.  The festival has always been somewhat “Pan-American” in construct by periodically inviting participants and artists from Latin American nations.

Celebrate overview of our history of the acclaimed artists, included:

Yaco Monti El Chango Nieto Grupo Folclórico Argentino Mariela Bond Carlos Gutiérrez Stella Milano El Trió Argentino  Osvaldo y Adela Los 4 de Córdoba  Eva Rey Pablo Fontana Simone Marchand Alberto Cuello  Pancho Figueroa Cesar Isella Son Ellas Yamal Cantoral 3 Clandestinos Band Facundo Saravia Cristian Perez  Liz and Alex Semyonov  Mario Martínez y Palacios Mariana Cayon Salida 156 Victorio Menghi Nito Mestre Los Pampas Stopped Request Roberto Leiva  Dario Chiesa Los Musiqueros Entrerrianos Los Ceibales Francisco Cuestas Daniel Bouchet Luna Sureña Pontitango Lele Lovato and more...

Come for a reception, presentation, a capella artistas, food and drinks! Ticket event!

Oval Room of the Embassy with Folklore & Tango shows! Great Surprises & More!  

Promote Benefit to a Charity Institution in Argentina 


Register Together, we can make our history!



 Lalo Rodriguez (Roca Productions) & Oscar Conde -  Max helped in the audiovisual.  

 Daniel Manzoni continues engaging with everyone with their experiences in the festival and researching the civic participation underlying the history of the Argentine Festival in the DC's area to be presented on May 10th, 2016 in the Embassy of Argentina and 2017. 

The first 25 years are in the National Archives of the USA for posterity through the help of the Smithsonian Latino Center.  Our legacy will challenge our next generation of partners, volunteers and collaborators.  Should you wish to help. Please email us to info@festivalargentinousa.com

Directory Incubator 

Ricardo Varrenti, Ing. Sonido (240) 432-2502

PontiTango, The Tango Ambassador (703) 866.5459

Carlos Gutierrez (Capital Tanguero),(301) 452.3787

CristianPerezguitar@gmail.com (703)357-0604

Salvatore Produccion, Remember is Living (202) 834.9663

Ramiro Parada (Que Creative) (703) 402-2608 / (703) 941-9115

Laura Dubcovsky ( Bilingual Marketing) lauradubcovsky@aol.com 301-728-7171

Ximena Uribe (International & Cultural Events) 301-841-7526

Josue Martinez (Art Director) josue.d.martinez@icloud.com

MC.Jenny Urdininea jurdinineablogspot@gmail.com

Roca Productions, Free Lance Video (703) 589.4442

Yael Glancszpigel, Art Director  YaelGlan@gmail.com

Pizzi Producciones  Pizzipan@gmail.com

Iris Producciones iris.producciones@hotmail.com

Leo Paraskevas, Discoteque Internationale (703) 968-2963or (703) 963-5351


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How to Go Car-Free videos lives at:  Restaurant Week Arlington 

Photographers. Stan Weinstein, Juan Gonzalez, Gerardo Sanchez, Eddie Arrossi, Carlos Fuentes, George Newcomb, Ron Samuels, Kesta Happening, Eventos VIP,  Yyette Jurado-Sanchez Fotos R4Ever, Justa Gutierrez, Virtual Digital Media, Media and more! 





Spectacular, entertaining, networking and exhibit festive night...

Formal attire / business casual require.

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To Embassy of Argentina, for their unconditional support to the work of the Program and Exhibition in Celebration of 30th Festival Celebration.

The Board of Director of the Festival wishes to Thanks Daniel Manzoni for 30 years of volunteer work and financial support. We are extending the thanks to his lovely spouse Carmen Manzoni and Telemundo family and all amazing supporters.

Special thanks for community support:  Pcias de Salta, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Silvia Radwan, Yael Glancszpigel, Art Director, Josue Martinez, Art Director, Ramiro Parada,Que Creative, Laura Ducovsky, Bilingual Professional, Ricardo Varrenti, Ing. Sonido,Pizzi Productions, Rural Society "Argentine Grill", La Estancia, Victor's Grill,  Pampas's Fox Catering, El Patio Restaurant, Giant, Sonia Gutierrez, Lisa McFarren Polgar, Belinda Fonseca, Ximena Uribe, Carlos Rojas, Salvatore and El Poder de Ser Mujer.

Thanks for your support and more participants to be confirmed!

This program is supported in part by the Arlington Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts www.arlingtonarts.org  and the Embassy of Argentina. Festival Argentino thanks sponsors, expositors, media, artists, volunteers and partners.

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If you have any question, please send email to: info@festivalargentinousa.org 

Thank you for your support! 





Festival Argentino 13 de Mayo, 2017 Teatro Thomas Jefferson VA.