Gloria & Kim: The Run On Sentence of Us

Once upon a time… 
Okay -- more like actually, for reals…
Okay -- more like “So, this is how it happened…”

More like an inspiring back and forth of teacher-becomes-the-student and student-becomes-the-teacher and lunches and coffee dates and shared birthdays and laughter and jokes and art and inspiring stories of our parents and mentors and those who came before and the college-two-step for our kids and my business launching and her business growing and the thriving businesses of our friends filling our lungs with air and light and inspiration and then more lunches and coffees and a serendipitous meeting at a weekend workshop where we say: what if we did this, what if we did that, what if we included naps and what if we and...


…and so we did and so here we are and it’s fun and focused and freeing and fun and it’s October 13-15, 2017 

It is the very best of both of our worlds and ideas and words and exercises and love of food and coffee and need for vision and clarity and humor…
…and naps.
…and helpful checklists.



Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:00 PM PDT
Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM PDT

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Kim Maxwell Studio
226 W. Ojai, Ave., #102
Ojai, CA 93023

Driving Directions


Gloria Miele, Ph.D. and Kim Maxwell



A Women's Retreat for Clarity, Community and Relentless Self-Care

FRIDAY - SUNDAY, October 13-15, 2017


Imagine if you had the time and space to combine knowing who you are with how you work best in order to illuminate a fulfilling vision for your future.

Treat yourself to a wildly inspiring, fun and rejuvenating weekend where your personal stories collide with your personal strengths to help you launch your vision loudly and unapologetically into the world. 

WHO: Women who want to unwind and reconnect with their strengths, wishes and true selves. You may be in transition or wanting to get clear on what's next in your life. You want to engage with a supportive community of like-minded ladies in a creative, fun-loving environment and have a time that's just for you. 

WHY: In our hectic, overextended lives, it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. What if the solution to igniting our superpowers includes adding a little more time for you? Acknowledging and building on our strengths? And learning how to carry those skills wherever we go? You will create a written vision for yourself so you can show up fully engaged, thriving and from a genuine place of strength. You'll create a plan to get you there. 

WHAT: A two and a half day retreat created and hosted by leadership maven, consultant and executive coach Gloria Miele, Ph.D. and master-storyteller, director and public speaking coach Kim Maxwell. Find Your Voice takes you through the process of reclaiming the experiences in your life through writing, creative reflection and practicing self-care habits, including movement, nappy time, field trips and delicious food with a room full of equally inspiring and resilient women who just need a little space to step into what’s next.

We are delighted to have Kate Nash of Cosmotion Holistic Movement and Fitness Center joining us as a sponsor. She will be leading creative movement and stretching to enhance our experience. 


FRIDAY - 7:00-10 PM
Meet and greet, story swapping, with games, free writes and relaxation.

SATURDAY - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Free writes, discussion, movement, an amazing lunch, time outdoors and more free writes, as your vision starts to come into focus.

SUNDAY - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
More writing, movement and discussion, another amazing lunch, more naps, a little art, your top 3 to-dos and the time and space to launch your vision loudly and unapologetically into the world.




Sign up by October 7th for REDUCED RATE: $500

We're Better Together! Sign up with a friend by October 7th and get the REDUCED GROUP RATE: 2-for-$900

Two-payment plan also available. Contact Gloria for details.


"Find Your Voice was a career changing retreat for me. I went to the retreat looking to refine my leadership skills and discovered that I was the only thing holding me back. I was able to view myself and my career in a completely different light and receive valuable feedback and support from the other women who wanted only the best for me. Gloria and Kim guided me through a process of how to look keeper into my skills, discover even more abouut my gifts and how to share them, as well as understanding how to be true to myself as an entrepreneur and leader. This retreat was truly life changing, uplifting, empowering, and reignited my passion for new directions in my career. Thank you , Gloria and Kim!"

~Darlene M. Sturgeon, MBA, ABD

"Kim and Gloria have illuminated a whole new path for me. I was feeling stuck emotionally, spritiually, and artistically, and I didn't even know I was a leader. Now I have a plan of action, an army of support from like-minded women, and a new, sparkly sense of self." 

~Katie Rae Newcomer, Writer/Actor/Leader

"I came in with a jumble of thoughts and ideas and left with a cohesive view of what's important to me and how I want to show up as a leader. I'd highly recommend this life-changing experience."

~Caryn Bosson, Director of Strategy, Tree People

"What a fun and educational workshop this was. Kim's theatre background wedded to Gloria's psychology and leadership coaching expertise is a genius blend! Supportive, loving, wonderful - both Kim and Gloria shine!"

~Valerie Sussman, Artist



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