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Phoenix Perennials 
Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. 

Spring 'Bright'

Spring 'Darling'

Spring 'Diamond'

Spring 'Love'

Spring 'Midnight'

Spring 'Pearl'


Spring Series Hellebore Pre-Sale 2017 

The Spring Series Hellebores are a diverse group of tissue cultured cultivars offering a variety of double and single flowers in a wide range of colours, many with intriguing patterning and spotting. Because they are tissue cultured you know that every plant will look just like its photo even if you don't see it in bloom when you buy it.

Spring Series Ultimate Collection - Feeling like you deserve something special? Get one each of all nine cultivars and save 15%! $229.42 + taxes (Regular Price: $269.91, Save 15% or $40.49!)

Spring 'Bright' -- Spring 'Bright' has pure white tepals with dark nectaries and a green flush at the centre all surrounded by an exquisite pencil-thin purple picotee edge.

Spring 'Darling' -- Spring 'Darling' has cups of overlapping petals of rose-pink with faint white veins and a green central flare.

Spring 'Diamond' -- Spring 'Diamond' has double flowers of pure white to pale pink highlighted with green and edged in pink. 

Spring 'Love' -- Spring 'Love' has warm, red-purple, double flowers embossed with yellow stamens.

Spring 'Midnight' -- Spring 'Midnight' is a delicately beautiful hellebore with white to palest pink tepals edged with a deep purple-pink picotee and centred with dramatic black nectaries. 

Spring 'Pearl' -- Spring 'Pearl' has creamy yellow flowers with a hint of green and bold burgundy-red spotting on each tepal. 

Spring 'Princess' -- Spring 'Princess' is an impressive double flower with mid pink tepals heavily spotted with burgundy-red.

Spring 'Sunset' -- Spring 'Sunset' has bold, lusty, red-burgundy flowers with subtle darker burgundy speckling centred with bright yellow stamens.

Spring 'Velvet' -- Spring 'Velvet' is a very special form of hellebore: the anemone centre or semi-double. The flowers are lavender-pink with purple speckling and a beautiful central ruffle surrounding the golden stamens.

Plants are $29.99 each plus taxes. They are all blooming size or near blooming size. Quantities are limited. Please order early. 

Give the Gift of Hellebores: Are the plants you're purchasing meant as gifts? If so, you can download the gift form to fill in and give to them: http://www.phoenixperennials.com/Spring-Certificate.pdf. They can also use the certificate to pick up their own plants.

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Payment Methods: When you check out click on the Pay with PayPal link. Once there you can use a PayPal account or simply pay with your Visa or MC and PayPal will process the transaction for us. When using your Visa or MC you do not need a PayPal account. Look for the appropriate link. Sometimes the credit card link is less prominent than the link to sign up and pay with a PayPal account.

Canadian Mail Order Customers: If you would like to lock in an order for these special orders in case they sell out before they make it onto our mail order site in spring, please place your order here. When we email you in the spring that it is time to pick up, please email us back to tell us you would like your plants shipped. We will ship to you in March or April as soon as the weather in your area can receive your hellebores. Please order a minimum of $40 total in hellebores from our different pre-sales in order for us to ship. Regular shipping rates will apply at the time of shipping. These are the Canada Post rates plus an amount to cover our time and materials.


Spring 'Princess'

Spring 'Sunset'

Spring 'Velvet'