Friday, August 4, 2017 at 10:00 AM CDT
Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 2:00 PM CDT

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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342

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 Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 


 Produced by Viper Paintball 


Sept 16, 2016:

       "After much thought, discussion and planning. Viper and I have decided that RED STRIKE 2017 will be the last one. Together, over the past 6 years we have built, I believe, one of the Midwest's premier events. But every event and facility has its limits. So, in an effort to put the player experience ahead of anything else we have decided to move on. However, we want to throw one last event and celebrate what we've accomplished together. The respect we have for each other and our players is first and foremost in our thoughts. I also want to establish that this is not the end of big games at Blastcamp. Also, Viper will continue in the Midwest in 2018. I personally wouldn't want this to end in any other way than to be onstage together toasting what we've accomplished and moving forward." 


All event info, including field map, rules, etc can be found here:

The date is January 1972. The US Army is preparing to shut down the last few Nike Missile sites. However, as papers are being signed and material inventoried five special operators from the Soviet Union’s Spetsnaz GRU are landing on a beach in Florida, having originated their voyage in Cuba. They have a bag full of US currency, some small arms, and map coordinates. At the same time other five-man teams of Spetsnaz are landing on other beaches, arriving on commercial flights, and crossing borders; all converging on the same geographic location. All have been provided with false identities and “sanitized” of anything that could connect them to the USSR. 

Teams have instructions to travel to prescribed locations. Two teams will link up and verify that they have not been compromised. Once they are assured of their mutual security they are provided a new location to which they will travel to meet another two teams. This will continue until the entire unit is assembled on US soil. Until then none of them is told what the actual target, or mission, is. This is done to protect the security of the mission and deniability for the USSR.

Jump ahead two months and the entire Spetsnaz unit has converged on Nike Missile Site C47 in Northwest Indiana. The plan is an ambitious one; the Spetsnaz operators will seize control of the site and begin targeting US air traffic, both civilian and military. With the US military distracted with this crisis they hope to sneak in five TU-95 bombers armed with multiple missiles armed with nuclear warheads in an effort to strike as many major targets as they can before, ultimately, being brought down.

Why now? You might call this the Soviet Union’s “Hail Mary” play. It Is becoming more and more apparent to the staunch conservatives in the Soviet government and military that the US can simply afford to build more weapons than the Soviet Union. Intelligence also indicates that the US military is less in favor of the approach taken at the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) last year in Helsinki, Finland, in 1969 and more in favor of accelerating the arms race to break-neck speeds, confident that the USSR will have to simply give up because they won’t be able to keep up with the spending of the US.

So the only other choice is to strike now while the sides are as well-matched as they are likely to get. Their theory is “better to take our chances now than assure defeat later.”

That means this is all or nothing…winner take all. There are really only two probable outcomes; Either the Soviet Union will catch America off-guard and deal her a crippling blow, leaving only the task of marching in and cleaning up, or the plan will be less effective than predicted and the US will decimate the Soviet Union.

And that brings us to zero hour. Spetsnaz are creeping in the shadows outside the fence at Site C-47, and the brave US servicemen inside have no idea what’s coming. Can the soldiers manning a “secure” missile base far inside US territory possibly fend off highly-trained special operators long enough for reinforcements to arrive, or will this be the first slip in the fall of the mightiest nation in the history of the world?

Schedule of Events


  • 10:00am – Camping opens
  • 5:00pm – Walkon registration and check-in open
  • 8:00pm – All services close
  • Midnight – Quiet time – Camping areas need to be quiet. No loud partying.
  • 2:00am – No alcoholic beverages allowed by anyone (whether playing or not) until end of game on Sunday afternoon!


  • 8:00am – All services open
  • 10:00am – Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation
  • Noon – Game on at noon SHARP (Be at your base!!!)
  • 6:00pm – Stand down
  • 7:30pm – Game resumes
  • 10:30pm – Stand down (May be earlier or later depending on participation)


  • 8:00am – All services open
  • 9:00am – Game resumes
  • 12:30pm – Stand down and prep for Final Battle!
  • 1:00pm – Final Battle!
  • 2:00pm – Game Over!