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Anne Hodgman 
Maine Conference UCC 

“An introduction to Congregational Life and Pastoral Leadership.” 

This course has three objectives: first, to explore how congregations, now and in the past, have understood their role in communities and the nation; second, to engage in “reading the context” of congregations—both in our local communities and beyond—as a means to assess their leadership and other needs; and third, to explore (albeit briefly) the nature and some of the tasks of ministerial leadership. Through lectures, exercises in and outside of class, and case studies, we will seek to understand how congregations and their leaders—especially in the United Church of Christ— are engaging this moment of unprecedented historical change.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Beth Nordbeck.

Bio: Elizabeth (Beth) Nordbeck has taught a wide range of courses, including both UCC “History, Theology, and
Polity” and “Congregational Life,” for almost forty years, first at Lancaster Theological Seminary (1978-90) in Pennsylvania
and then at Andover Newton Theological School in Massachusetts (1990-2016). She received her Master’s and PhD degrees from Harvard, and was ordained in 1985. At Lancaster, she served as HeilmannStoflett Professor of Church
History and Academic Dean; and at ANTS, she served both as Academic Dean and as Moses Brown Professor of
Ecclesiastical History, prior to her retirement from fulltime teaching in June 2016. She continues to teach several courses
as “Distinguished Professor” at ANTS. Beth has been active in the UCC both regionally and nationally. She served for two
decades as the UCC representative to the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches, as well as UCC
rep to the LutheranReformed Dialogue that resulted in the Formula of Agreement; the MoravianReformed Dialogue; and
Churches Uniting in Christ. She has also been a member of the Executive Council (now UCC Board) and the former Office
for Church Life and Leadership. She was one of the founders and for over 25 years coeditor of Prism: A Theological Forum
for the United Church of Christ.