When are 2017 Membership Dues valid?

From Now until Sun., December 31, 2017

Where (Mailing Address)

Alabama Bicycle Coalition (AlaBike)
c/o Jeff Feet & Regine Northover
P. O. Box 18984
Huntsville, AL 35804-8984


Jeff Feet & Regine Northover 
Alabama Bicycle Coalition (AlaBike)
334-322-0639 (Jeff) or
245-520-8924 (Regine)

2017 Alabama Bicycle Coalition (AlaBike) Membership 

The Alabama Bicycle Coalition (AlaBike) is a statewide, grassroots not-for-profit (501(c)3) cycling advocacy organization whose mission is to promote cycling, safety, education and access. AlaBike works with state and local officials and politicians to preserve, improve, create and institutionalize bicycle-friendly roads and policies throughout Alabama. Bicycle-friendly cities, towns, counties and regions provide a healthy environment for its citizens and project an attractive image to visitors and prospective residents. The investment in a high-quality, user-friendly road network is returned many times in improved quality of life and property values. AlaBike seeks support to develop programs to promote this vision.

Please help us establish bicycle-friendly roads and policies throughout Alabama. We can make a difference together.