Thursday, May 18, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM CDT
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Susan Berndt 
Smart Data Solutions 

Mailroom Management Webinar 
Let us help process your claims more efficiently!  

Mail can be sent to our facility for processing in multiple ways including, mailings to a client specific P.O. Box, as well as FedEx and UPS shipments. We even accept emails and faxes for those clients choosing to utilize our online form identification process. All mail that we receive is scanned and processed the same day as it is received. When mail is received, it is opened and goes through our document prep process. This includes unfolding, removing staples, taping, and document identification.  We are able to process all types of collateral:  Medical claims, dental claims, nonstandard bills such as vision claims and prescriptions, as well as other correspondence such as Medical Records, Appeals, Enrollments, Subrogation claims, Disability claims, Medicaid claims, Repriced claims, HRA and HSA claims, and more.  We even offer back-lit scanning of film x-rays.  After barcoded document separator sheets are added, the documents are now ready for scanning.

Documents are scanned at one of our 12 scanning stations. Each client has a personalized scanning profile that is specific to their needs.  Once documents are scanned and we have achieved the highest scan quality, documents are stored on sight, in client specific boxes, in order of date and batch number for easy reference.  Documents are then held on sight until the designated destruction date is reached before they can go through document destruction. 

After a claim has been processed, occasionally you may need to reach out the provider and explain why a claim has been rejected.  We can also help assist with this!  We have the ability to send out rejection letters to clients on your behalf to notify them why a claim has been rejected and what needs to be done before the claim can be resubmitted.  These letters are personalized with your letterhead and verbiage, and includes a copy of the claim for reference. 

Register below for an indepth look into the Mailroom Services we offer.  Learn more about how we can accommodate your needs and help you to process your claims more efficiently.