GET FIT Waynesboro is funded by Aetna Wellness dollars for city employees


New year, new you!  

Have you ever wondered what our local gym scene looks like, what options are out there?


         Check out what specials, pricing and more are avaliable at gyms in and around Waynesboro.


As a City of Waynesboro employee you are eligable to enter any of the following races for the reduced entry fee of $15!  

           Mad Anthony Mud Run             Saturday, February 25

       Park to Park 1/2 Marathon        Saturday, April 29 

 Summer Extravaganza 5K &10K  Saturday, July 8

             Fall Foliage 5K & 10K               Saturday, October 14

Visit for more details!

Police Department Employees got in on the action and participated as a team in the city's annual Mad Anthony Mud Run.

In the News

Your fitness goals, no matter how big or small are attainable.  Check out Ronnie's story and how he used the greenway, wellness program, and a lot of hard work to achieve his success!


Amanda Reeve
Waynesboro Parks & Recreation

GET FIT Waynesboro is an employee healthy living program for all city employees.  You can participate to earn rewards for your effort to GET FIT and stay fit!

Our goal is to encourage physical fitness beyond our daily routines.


Starting January 17, 2017 you will be able to earn points for your fitness efforts in more ways than one! With six options you are sure to find one to fit your lifestyle.  Each time you log points for your activities, you will be closer to earning rewards!  

The program ends December 31, 2017.



1) Register here to participate.  All who register will recieve a Get Fit LED flashlight key chain which will be available for pickup at the Parks and Recreation office beginning Tuesday, January 17.

Register Now!

2) Earn points starting January 17, 2017. You can use just one option or a combination.


Walk or Run (minimum 2 miles per day)

  • Scan in at the library- Walk or run the greenway with a minimum of 2 miles per day (down and back on the greenway).  GET FIT cards can be picked up at the library during normal business hours. 
  • Submit your pedometer tracking sheet- Pedometers and log sheets can be picked up at the Parks and Recreation office.  Walk a minimum of 2 miles (avg. 4,000 steps) per day. Submit via email, fax, or paper delivery to the Parks and Recreation office by the third of each month.  
  • Sumbmit your fitness app monthly summary- Walk or run a minimum of 2 miles of active steps.  Active steps are defined as walking with the intent to exercise.  For example, steps around the grocery store or to your car are not considered active steps. Send a screen shot to the by the third of each month. 


  • Submit your monthly gym login report- Your attendance can be requested at the front desk of your local gym.  Submit via email, fax, or paper delivery to the Parks and Recreation office by the third of each month.  


  • Participate in any race, submit your regisration to and recieve one point per mile toward your Get Fit total.


  • Participate in the bonus point options sent out periodically in the GET FIT e-newsletter.

3) Receive your REWARDS!  At the end of each month your points will be totaled....check out the table above for the goods!  Rewards will be avaliable starting the fifth of each month.  For example, January rewards will be avaliable for pick-up on February 5th.

If you log 150 points total you will receive $254 worth of prizes!