Copper Ferreira

Colorado State University
School of Music, Theatre, & Dance

Spring 2017 Keycard Access Requests 

This form is for requesting access to practice rooms at the UCA.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE LOCKER RENTAL REQUEST FORM, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

You MUST have a CSU ID in order to access our practice rooms.  With keycard access, you will also be able to open sectional rooms (202, 204, G212) at no additional charge.  We use sign up-sheets on all sectional room doors that are posted on a weekly basis for first come, first serve, rehearsals.

Students who are registered as music majors for the 2016-2017 academic school year or are registered as minors and are  enrolled in applied lessons for both semesters receive access to our practice rooms at no charge until August 20, 2017.   If you only require access for one semester or you only qualify for one semester of free access based on your applied lesson schedule, you will need to indicate that on your registration form.  Practice rooms are not typically available for non-majors or minors.  Should you be a non-major or minor and require use of the practice rooms, please go to the main office (UCA 120) to request one-time entrance.

Click "Register Now" to get started.  Fill out and submit the request form online.  You will receive an email within the next two weeks with notification that your card access to the practice room has been granted.