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Summer 2017 Locker Requests 

This form is for requesting a locker at the UCA for instrument storage only.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE KEYCARD ACCESS REQUEST FORM, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Summer lockers are available for CSU students only who wish to store their instrument/s at the University Center for the Arts during the summer academic sessions. Lockers will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students may be assigned a shared locker, based on availability.

Summer Locker Rates (applicable to ALL students during the summer, regardless if you are a music major or minor):

Small/Book Lockers: $17.50/semester
Shared Instrument Locker: $17.50/semester
Individual Instrument Locker: $35.00/semester

We do not accept requests for specific locker assignments, and once a locker has been checked in, it is put back into the overall pool of available lockers for redistribution by the department.

CSU maintains zero liability for any objects stored within the lockers - it is your responsibility to insure your property in the event of theft, damage, natural disaster, etc.

Please note that once you are assigned a locker, you will have access to that locker until August 4, 2017 at which point you will be required to empty your locker and notify the MTD front office that you have vacated the locker. 

All lockers must be vacated by the last day of school, August 4, 2017. Any property remaining in any locker may be handed over to CSU surplus.

Click "Register Now" to get started.  Fill out and submit the request form online.  You will receive an email within the next few business days with information about where you locker is located and the combination for the locker.