Central Oregon Locavore
1841 NE 3rd St, Bend



Monday - Closed except vendor drop-off and milk pick-up

Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm

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Central Oregon Locavore Non Profit

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Who we are:

We are a local, community-based non-profit established in 2009, now located near downtown Bend on 3rd St, serving both food producers and consumers throughout Central Oregon.

We are creating a community that cultivates good health, local food and conviviality through collaboration, resource sharing and mutual support, which is why your membership is important!

What we do:

Central Oregon Locavore promotes local food and farmers for the health of our community. We work for an ecologically stable and socially just food system in Central Oregon by improving access to fresh, nutrient-dense local food, educating the community about the benefits of sustainably produced food and supporting farmers and ranchers.

We operate a year-round indoor farmer’s marketplace near downtown Bend which features freshly harvested produce, organic grass-fed meats, free-range eggs, local honey, locally made value added products such as salsa, sauces, and many environmentally-conscious products for sustainable living.

In addition to our marketplace, we operate a number of programs including Farm Kids!, Willing Workers on Local Farms, Edible Adventure Crew, Small Farmer Support Program, Meet Your Farmer dinners and Community Supper quarterly celebrations. These programs serve to connect and educate community members to the local foodscape of Central Oregon and provide a platform for support and celebration.

Why our work is important:

Small farms and local economies create strong and vibrant communities. 

By providing a market to ranchers and farmers we are helping to maintain diverse and high quality crops and animals in our region which improves food security for all.

We are helping to protect the land, soil, air and water for future generations. 

Access to healthy, nutrient dense food year round creates a healthier populous.

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