Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT
Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT

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  1. Free Lunches:
    Lunch will be provided for all children. However, if you would like to send a lunch with your child you may but there is no refrigeration provided, so make sure your child’s lunch and snacks are in a thermal bag with a cold pack. Also please make sure they are labeled. We cannot accommodate for allergies or special requirements, please send lunches for children who require special food items due to allergies or other needs.
  1. Clothing:
    Each child should wear sneakers. Sandals, flip flops, and street shoes are not recommended.
  1. Conduct:
    Each child is expected to adhere to the code of conduct policies enclosed in this registration packet. The number one objective of NACC Kids Camp is to provide a safe nurturing environment for all.
  1. Field trips:
    Field trips listed on the registration form. Children will go on field trips on  THURSDAYSOn THURSDAYS, the camp time is extended to 3 PM to allow adequate time to return to the NACC. If you would like your child to attend these events- Please sign and return the permission slip in an envelope with your child’s name on it.
  1. Illness:
    Please do not bring your child to camp if they are ill, or running a fever. If your child becomes ill during the day, the camp will call you to make arrangements to pick up your child as soon as possible.
  1. *Immunization Records:
    All children registered for camp must have up-to-date immunization records. Please include a copy of this record with your registration form. No child will be admitted without these forms. This is a NYS requirement. 
  1. Class Selection:
    Children will have many classes and activities to choose from, this year switching classes will not be permitted unless by request of the instructor or if special circumstances arise. Please go over the class selections carefully with your child to ensure they choose the classes they are truly interested in and submit your selections to the Camp Director no later than June 28th, 2016.
  1. Sign-in, Sign-out:
    Parents/Guardians must sign children in and out each day, no child may be released unless signed out by permitted parent or guardian. No accommodations may be for children to leave the facility without a permitted adult escort, 18 years of age or more. 
  1. Summer Camp Showcase:
    Campers work very hard each summer creating works of art and performances based on the classes they attend at the NACC. On Thursday, August 10th, family members are invited to attend our Summer Camp Showcase, during which time children’s artwork will be on display and a performance will be held in the Auditorium. The Showcase starts at 1 PM, but children are asked to arrive at the NACC at 10 A.M. to make final preparations.  Please note that attendance during all sessions in week six is MANDATORY for all students intending to perform in the show case, special considerations may be taken.
  1. Attendance:
    Please note that children who participate in performance classes, ie. Theatre, Dance, Voice,  are expected to attend every session they signed up for. Your child could be cast in the lead role of a short play, or be a featured dancer, it is therefore very important to staff and fellow campers that everyone selected for a performance is there to learn, rehearse, and perform. If a child does not attend the classes they signed up for, or has missed a substantial amount of sessions, they may not be permitted to perform in the Summer Camp Showcase, but are still invited to participate and learn in performance classes. In special cases, special permission to perform may be granted at the discretion of the instructor and the Camp Director.  


NACC staff 
Niagara Arts and Cultural Center 


The Niagara Arts & Cultural Center 
1201 Pine Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 14301

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Register Now! Or Download the registration packet: DOWNLOAD HERE

2017 STAGES Summer Camp
at the NACC

$100.00 for full summer per camper 

$50.00 for each additional camper per family

$150.00 for full summer tuition per camper
or $25.00 per Week per Camper               

CAMP HOURS:     Our program is in session 4 days a week*, for 6 weeks,
July 5th – August 10th
Monday – Wednesday,  10 AM – 2 PM
Thursday (Fieldtrip Day), 10 AM – 3 PM

We are fully certified with the Niagara County Health department and have strict guide lines that we must follow, for the safety and well being of our campers.

We appreciate your careful attention to and cooperation with the procedures for proper registration.

Children will not be permitted to attend camp until all required forms are completed and all final balances and payments are made.  Completed camp registration forms, permission slips, and medical form must be submitted before the start of camp.  Please submit completed registration forms by June 1st, 2017 for discounts, after that date discount rates may not apply.  Remember, space is limited! 

Certain children may have limitations and special needs beyond the scope of our camp structure.  Parents are expected and required to inform us in advance about special circumstances and needs so that an evaluation and enrollment determination can be made.  Payment of camp fees is not a guarantee of enrollment.

Register Now! Or Download the registration packet: DOWNLOAD HERE

Scholarships Available! Click Here for Application


2017 Class Listing


            Students will be taught basic techniques and will complete works of art in studio.


      Advanced art students in learn about designing a stage for a theatre production, student will participate in prop making, stage painting, and other fun technical aspects of theatre production.


      Classes will focus on the creation of artistic works, using fabrics & textiles and found objects, This class will be full of lots of fun, hands on activities!


      Students will learn about plants, vegetables, and do fun garden projects! They will also learn how to create art using pieces of nature.


      An introduction to theatre- Students will learn about being on the stage, basic techniques and movement, play theatre games, as they discover how theatre works and how shows are put together.


      For students who already have an understanding of how actors work on stage. Campers will learn advanced acting techniques & characterization, and participate in scene work, preparing a final performance for family at the end of camp! 


      Campers will work together to create short, original plays which they will learn how to direct, design, and produce for the Summer Camp Showcase. 


      Our voice teacher will instruct students on vocal techniques, breathing, and projection. Students will learn songs together as a chorus, and also work on solo pieces.


      Students will learn expression through movement, a great class for our beginning or novice dancers who just like to move and shake!

DANCE 202 (11+)

      An advanced dance class for students who want to learn challenging techniques and sequences. Students will also learn about choreography.


      Open to students of all ages, Yoga class is a fun way for students to relax and exercise their bodies, their breath, and their minds all at the same time. 


          Students will learn about melodies, lyrics, chord progressions, song structure and composition!


          NEW CLASS, 2017! "NACC News”, will allow youth from Western New York, ages 7-18, to learn about media and communications during “Stages Summer Camp”. We cannot wait to introduce our children to this new film and journalism class - teaching kids about responsible journalism and reporting on screen and radio! Thank you for making this addition to our children’s’ programming possible. SPONSORED BY WGRZ/TEGNA FOUNDATION.


Please go over this Code of Conduct with your child.

The following contract is designed to maintain consistency within our summer camp policies that are in place to ensure the safety of all participants and staff. Please review our policies with your child before signing below. This contract will be referred to in the case of a disciplinary problem. In the event that the contract is broken, a Staff member may call the parent/guardian and the child may be asked to be picked up immediately. The NACC strives to provide quality, consistency, safety, and a fun environment for your child. Policies have been set in place to maintain our program’s credibility.

1.       Physical or verbal threats of violence in our programs will not be tolerated. The NACC has a zero tolerance for violent, physical and/or verbal outbursts. Children displaying threating physical behavior, or verbal threats will be suspended from the program.
2.       Participants must listen to and follow counselors’ directions at all times.
3.       Participants must follow rules of games and activities.
4.       Participants must attend classes they are assigned, switching is not permitted without permission by the Camp Director. Persistent failure to attend assigned classes will result in suspension from the program.
5.       Children are expected to fully participate in each class. Students must participate for a minimum 10 minutes in each game/project before opting to “sit out”. If a student is found to be repeatedly unwilling to participate or is disruptive to the class, that child may be asked to leave the classroom and will be required to sit in the Camp Director’s office for the remainder of the session. If necessary, a guardian may be contacted to pick up the child immediately and the child will be suspended from the program.
6.        Child must stay within designated boundaries set by camp counselors at all times.
7.       Participants must respect all staff.
8.       Participants must respect all equipment.
9.       Participants must respect the NACC building, classrooms, and spaces.
10.    Inappropriate language is prohibited.
11.    Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items; do not bring valuables to camp.
12.    No electronic gaming devices (ie. Gameboy, PSP, iPad, iPod, etc.) will be permitted at camp, prohibited items will be confiscated and returned to guardians at pick-up time. 
13.    Rough-housing and wrestling are not allowed.
14.     No climbing on tables, chairs, trees, buildings.
15.     No touching of artworks, sculptures, or other items owned by NACC Staff or Tenants.
16.     Appropriate clothing and sneakers must be worn.


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