- Supporting you to make life work
 A 5-part series to allow you to find guidance in the small modules of "Life".
Personal Identity & Roles - Life Purpose & Goals - Time Management - Balancing Act - Self Care


9:30am - 12:30pm
Session 1 -  8 March (Wed)
Session 2 - 5 April (Wed)
Session 3 - 3 May (Wed)
Session 4 - 7 June (Wed)
Session 5 - 12 July (Wed)


Training Room 1
Singapore Council of Women's Organisation
96 Waterloo Street, 187967
(near Bras Basah MRT/ City Hall MRT)



Mums@Work (Singapore) 
Mums@Work (Singapore) 

In our quest to be be better mothers & career women, we are often overwhelmed by the demands on us. When a woman becomes a mother, her values change - as does her motivations in life and her choices. Unfortunately, the world around us does not always understand that - and so we become pressed to give and give and give.

This 5-session series allows you to explore the various challenges we face as women. As we guide you with concrete "know-hows" and deliverables you can achieve, each session will act as a platform for you to make changes in that specific areas of focus.

In addition, Sam, (a mother of 4 herself) will facilitate the small group discussion to have specific outcomes at the end. Our focus is to make sure each attendee gets the most out of each session.

Session 1: Personal Identity and Roles (8 March 2017, Wed)
Understand how your roles shape you and how to strike a balance in your life
As a modern woman, you have multiple roles to fulfill - wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, friend, colleague, business owner. Switching back and forth in these roles often call upon different skills and dispositions. If you are stressed and tired about your life, it is time to take stock. In this session, you will find new outlooks and meaning. Be the person you want to be for yourself and your loved ones!

Session 2: Life Purpose and Goals (5th April 2017, Wed)
Get clarity on your life purpose and set SMART goals
Still lost about what you want out of your life? Had a big life change and your priorities shifted? This session will provide a safe and nurturing place for you to explore what you want to do next. Learn a practical method for setting SMART goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Session 3: Time Management (3rd May 2017, Wed)
Learn new hacks and skills in time management to help you attain your goals faster
If you are always thinking that you would be able to attain your goals if you have more time, this is the session for you. Gain new perspectives about how you view time and the hacks and skills to help you attain your goals faster.

Session 4: Balance for Life (7th June 2017, Wed)
Dispel the myth of work-life balance and get the balance you need
Want to find new balance in your life? Come to this session to work out what you need in the various areas of your life. The regular practise of this tools will help you to the get the balance that will bring more joy and peace into your life.

Session 5: Self Care (12th July 2017, Wed)
Find out the important role Self Care plays in getting the best life for you 
Feeling tired and stressed up all the time? Before you can care for others, you need to care for yourself first. This session will be an exploration into self-care and the ways we can incorporate that into your busy life.

About the Life Coach Facilitator
Sam, founder of Lifework, is a woman’s coach with a passion to promote awareness for an authentic and deliberate life. Married with 4 children, she is a volunteer in a marriage support group, an avid reader, kitchen warrior and jazz lover. Currently running her own coaching practice, Sam is also a senior associate in a Fortune 500 company.

Her 19 years' experience navigating the corporate world, leading and coaching high performing teams are valuable skills she brings to the coaching process. Her transition from a being a pharmacist to corporate life to starting her own coaching practice reflects her coaching style of exploring the unknown and remaining curious about life.