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Saturday February 25, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM CST
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Addison Marriott Courtyard 
TX 75244  



Jenny Bair of Perfect Practice & Betty Murray of FMANT 
Perfect Practice and FMANT 

Building Your Perfect Practice Vison; Live it, Work it, Live It!! 


Three amazing facilitators will guide you through a vision casting process to build your practice the way that you want in 2017. It's time for you to work as you desire this year. Take this time for yourself and your team to get clear. Register today, as we only have 45 spots available for this event. Register here

Vision is begins in your mind's eye. You are the one that knows it best.

We know that take dedicated time to get a clear path of desires into a forward motion plan. Set aside this day to do just that - make it happen for yourself, your team, and those you are serving.

Get support in drawing your desires and goals out into fruition with the facilitation, support, inspiration and guidance from experts who have created their vision and adjust for the seasons. They want to guide you in the process to make your vision for this year happen too. Your seasoned workshop facilitators are Jenny Bair, Betty Murray and Suzan Kearney.

So, you'll wear activewear/yoga wear or something very comfortable, bring your favorite pen and notebook and an open mind.

During the day:
-You will explore the business models that will best serve you and your patients/clients
-You will explore the financial structure that is best for you to bring in revenue and serve people
-You will decide on the top profit centers in your practice and how to quickly start putting efforts behind seeing return
-You will discover what fears, doubts and uncertainites are holding you back currently and techniques about how to win over your lizard brain
-You will experience mind mapping to encourage all of your subterranean brain chaos come out to then help you build into strong goals, objectives and core values
-Spend time clearly defining your target population; who you want to serve and how to reach them
-Design your perfect work schedule
-Walk away with clear steps to work on
-Create community and buddies to link up with to support each other on this journey
-Practice some mindfulness, meditation and grounding techniques to help you reduce the worry, anxiety and pefrormance expectations

Vision is the first step in building the business of your dreams. All of the systems, communications, forms, sales strategies and more come from this first building block.

To sign up and change your business for years to come, call 972-246-8824 to register. ($111.00) All forms of credit card accepted.Call to save your space today as there are only 45 seats to this event. Whether you live in Dallas or not; you're invited if this is calling you; then come.


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