Troy MacGillivray

Kendra MacGillivray

Sabra MacGillivray

Marcie Van Cleave 
Folk Arts Center of New England 

The Folk Arts Center of New England presents a

Cape Breton
Music and Dance Weekend 

Pinewoods Camp
Plymouth, MA 
Rowboat, kayak, and canoes at the Long Pond boat dock 

June 2-4, 2017

Welcome to the registration page for the Cape Breton Music and Dance Session at Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, Massachusetts!

Early June is a beautiful time to be at Pinewoods - a little slice of heaven one hour south of Boston that is nestled between two pristine ponds and shaded by thousands of trees - both coniferous and deciduous. Add to the natural beauty the open air music and dance pavilions, the cabins in the woods, the communal open air Dining Hall, and you have the makings of a wonderful getaway weekend.

But there's more!  The Folk Arts Center is thrilled with the amazing musicians who have agreed to staff this "All-Cape-Breton-All-the-Time" weekend! Multi-talented teachers and siblings,  Troy, Kendra, and Sabra will share their knowledge and abilities in not only teaching fiddle and piano, but also teaching Cape Breton stepping and square dance classes, and leading all-camp sessions!

You can find more information about the session, as well as Pinewoods Camp itself, on the Cape Breton Music and Dance Weekend webpageBut it is here where you register for the weekend!

Please note:  this program is designed for adults, with no child-specific programming.  Only a limited number of campers under the age of 18 can be accepted. Please call the office with questions.

To register, click on the "Apply Now!" button at the bottom.  It is best (but not required) if each member of your party registers individually under different emails.  However, if your family members do not have separate emails, register one as the main person, and the others as "Additional Campers". 

Adults (age 25+)                           $275
Young Adults (age 18-24)            $235
Older Teens (age 16-17)                $215 
Younger Teens (age 14-15)           $200
Children (age 7-12)                        $175
Children (age 4-6)                          $135
Children (age 2-3)                          $ 50
Children (age 0-1)                          $ 25

FAC Member Discount                 ($10)

Support the Folk Arts Center!

To receive $10 off your Cape Breton Weekend registration, and to support the Folk Arts Center of New England, consider becoming a member!  Memberships and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.