Community for The Commons

Membership Drive 

Community for The Commons is an Excelsior based, 501c3 nonprofit PARK CONSERVANCY founded in 2015 to develop and fund a long term strategy to protect and enhance The Commons & The Port of Excelsior.  A park conservancy is a private, non-profit, non-political organization that works in partnership with a local government to help improve and/or manage one or more parks in the community.  Park Conservancies now exist in over 50% of major U.S. cities including both Minneapolis and St. Paul.  

Community for The Commons will work collaborately with the City of Excelsior, Excelsior residents, park users and stakeholders to create, fund and implement a Commons Master Plan.  By becoming a MEMBER of Community for The Commons, you are helping to create this shared vision that will benefit Excelsior residents, guests and the surrounding community.  Plus, your contribution is tax-deductible!

A Park Conservancy for The Commons & The Port of Excelsior