Tuesday September 19, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM PDT

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Diana D'Itri
Medical Fitness Network

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You’re invited to join MFN’s Top Industry Leaders as they present the latest science-based practical knowledge for today’s health, wellness and fitness advocates.

What You Need to Know about Wearable Devices and Apps to Maximize Client/Patient Health & Your Business

Presenter: Steve Feyrer-Melk, PhD, MEd
Chief Science Officer, Nudge; Director of Lifestyle Medicine, Optimal Heart Center

Members of the Medical Fitness Network must consider all available tools when guiding clients/patients. Unfortunately, our clients/patients spend the majority of their time away from us and therefore find ourselves limited in our offering and the overall impact of our expertise. Join Dr. Steve as he discusses newly developed, user friendly Wearable Devices & Apps that are now available to Health, Fitness & Wellness Professionals and their clients/patients. See how Technology can help maximize lifestyle behavior change for your clients/patients, allow you to provide actionable feedback when clients/patients most need it, save you time, and enhance your business model. Also,

  • Learn why technology can be a powerful tool in your toolbox
  • See how easy it is to incorporate the right technology
  • Understand what questions to ask when choosing technology
  • Examples: Platforms, APPS, Wearables, Patient Technology

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