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Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 9:00am to 12:00pm EDT

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Driving Directions 

L. Charlie Oliver, CEO and Chief Analyst, Green Building Worldwide
Oliver Baumann, CEO, Baumann Consulting
Nicholas Stevens, President of Dalmar Energy Consulting
Christopher Kinlen, Senior Commissioning Engineer, CodeGreen Solutions


New NYC Energy Conservation Code -Master Class: Building Mechanical Systems 

Green Building Worldwide is geared up to deliver distinct comprehensive training classes from technical and legislative experts.

Impacting the built environment for existing and new construction.  Join Green Building Worldwide for important seminars being held February 14 through April 4, 2017. Key will be the review of Building Mechanical Systems guildeline change and mandates within the newly amended NYC Energy Conservation Code and implications.  Registration is required as seating is limited.

New York City’s one million buildings include a diverse range of building types, architectural styles, and uses. Compliance and enforcement of the CODE is a critical component in citywide efforts.  Enforcement ensures that newly constructed and significantly renovated buildings meet the building codes that require them to be more energy efficient and resilient.


  • The City has already begun implementing the top actions. These include requirements within new energy code that requires holistic energy performance, comprehensive retrofits to heating distribution systems, integrating capital planning for deep energy reductions into existing energy audit requirements, and incorporating the energy conservation measures (ECM). 
  • By 2023 building owners are expected to invest 160 billion dollars in energy efficiency and the corresponding technology.
  • The CODE's Energy Conservation Measures in NYC alone have the potential yield 2.7 billion dollars in energy cost savings, reduce current building-based emissions by 33 percent and create approximately 15,000 direct construction-related jobs 
  • In today’s complex buildings, systems are highly interactive, with sophisticated controls that can impact building operations – small problems have big effects on performance 
  • Commercial buildings frequently undergo operational and occupancy changes that challenge the mechanical, electrical and control systems, hindering optimal performance
  •  New York City has chosen to take a deliberate position to address the reality that 70 percent of its carbon emissions come from building assets through bold legislation
  • 51 percent of Architects, Engineers and Construction firms know that 60 percent of their work will be attributed to sustainability and resiliency. 

Forum Objectives: February 28, 2017 

  • What are the key Ventilation and Ventilation Systems requirements?
  • Why such focus Ventilation Systems?
  • What are the Retro Commissioning Best Practices?
  • What are solid examples which show the value added approach to Retro Commissioning? (Case Studies will be provided)
  • How to properly Analyze and Optimize Building Systems?
  • Commissioning utilizing NYSERDA's Real Time Energy Management PON and how to effectively apply it to your projects?

Capital Planning: Access to Financing and Incentives for Energy Improvements

New York City building owners face a range of competing needs that limit the amount of capital that can be spent on energy efficiency upgrades, particularly in affordable housing. In addition, implementing deep energy retrofits and leading edge new construction techniques today can be costly because the market for these services and products is not yet mature. It will be essential to help bring down these costs and work with the private sector to improve access to financing and incentives for energy improvements. 

Why This is Relevant:

  • The amendment to the NYC Energy Conservtion Code mark a clear evolution in the direction undertaken nationally to bring the building industry in alignment with societal goals. In New York City alone, buildings are the cause of 73% of its GHG emissions.
  • With each cycle, the New York Energy Conservation Code is moving closer toward the goal of 80 x 50.
  • The classes were created to empower architects, engineers, the construction industry and related professionals on the new energy codes, outlining changes and the best practices to achieve energy-efficient buildings and adhere to compliance. 
  • As professionals charged with the furtherance of our industry and responsible for compliance,  we will want to be up to speed with the significant changes. 
  • Aside from doing our part to  lower GHG emissions, non compliance inevitably leads to set backs and cost over runs.

About Our Master Classes and Open Forums:

GBW Master Classes and OPEN FORUMS enable you to readily assess and what is required and the next steps your organization must take to ensure compliance, strengthen resource tools and knowledge base.  The sessions will also review foreseeable challenges and the strategies for addressing them.
About Green Building Worldwide:
Green Building Worldwide (GBW) is focused on and committed to sustainable building and resilient infrastructure. They provide next generation platforms to support building, corporate, environmental and policy leaders involved in capital projects and resilient infrastructure.  While GBW does not serve as a methodology or building rating system, their forums and platforms bring about the knowledge and collaboration needed to make lasting impact.  Equality in access and delivery is also at the core of who they are as evident in their research, publishing, and membership divisions.

Our audience of industry professionals impact diverse sectors locally, nationally and globally. Their focus is on continually integrating products, services, technologies and methodologies into their sustainability strategies. Working as trusted partners to numerous stakeholders, we are looked upon to organize and continue to be on the frontline of the strategies which eradicate carbon emissions, inform stakeholders, and speak to the best methodologies and technologies.


FEATURED PRESENTER: L. Charlie Oliver, CEO and Chief Analyst, Green Building Worldwide
L. Charlie Oliver has surfaced as a strategic thinker and unique source of information on legislation impacting energy, infrastructure, and compliance. After 20 years in consulting and commercial real estate industry, Charlie founded GBW to offer strategic research, communications, and legislative advisory and training. Charlie is largely credited with being a catalyst for envisioning this cohesive, well functioning collaborative entity in local, state, national, and international markets.   Charlie delivers presentations locally, national and globally on codes and stand alone mandates which include the New York City Energy Conservation Code, Local Law 87, Local Law 88, Local Law 86 and Reforming the Energy Vision - REV.  Clients include international finance, retail and technological, and real estate firms. Charlie will present on the recently amended New York City Energy Conservation Code with respect to amendments to Building Mechanical Systems.


Oliver Baumann, CEO, Baumann Consulting
Oliver Baumann has two decades of extensive experience in design, commissioning, and measurement & verification for high-performance buildings, as well as the optimization of building systems operations on a large scale. Oliver’s expertise covers the entire lifecycle of buildings, including developing innovative energy concepts, peer review for design, quality assurance during construction, and measurement and verification of building performance and operation. Projects worked on include the German Stock Exchange, GW Smith Center, Brock Environmental Center, The Museum, and the OCC Headquarters. Oliver will present on Retro-commissioning best practices and share case studies.

Christopher Kinlen, Senior Commissioning Engineer, CodeGreen Solutions
Christopher Kinlen oversees all new construction Cx projects and helps ensure their completion. He is also responsible for pricing and putting together RFPs. Chris has completed LEED CI & CS projects throughout NYC.  A few of CodeGreen clients include Normandy Real Estate Partners, California Department of General Services, APF Properties, Atlantic Realty Development Corporation, Blackrock, and the Kilroy Realty Corporation. Christopher will present on analyzing and optimizing building systems by ensuring they are installed, operated and functioning as intended.

Nicholas Stevens, President of Dalmar Energy Consulting- Authorized Agent for Noveda Technologies
Nicholas Stevens has over 30 years of experience helping companies meet technology requirements. Using Intelligent technology, he has helped businesses and building owners quickly identify equipment inefficiencies and energy waste.  Clients include Essex County College and East Orange Housing Authority.  Nicholas will present on Commissioning utliizng NYSERDA ’s PON to provide $30 million in incentives for Real Time Energy Management, RTEM, systems and the post-installation information services.
Anchor Class: NYC Energy Conservation Code, Building and Mechanical Systems, Part 3