A workshop to create a Community Food Market Action Plan to build community health and wealth. Community teams will use the WeathWorks Framework to create an asset inventory. Then learn how to leverage those assets to address a community need with a market-driven approach. Hosted by Unlimited Future and The Wild Ramp, sponsored by Try This WV. Space for this event was donated by Heritage Farm Museum & Village.


Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST
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Heritage Farm: Pioneer Hall 
3300 Harvey Road
Huntington, WV 25704

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Lauren Kemp 
Unlimited Future, Inc./The Wild Ramp 

The Wild RampStory

The Wild Ramp farmers market was started in 2012 in Huntington, WV, by a group of farmers and consumers, who desired to create a farmers market that provided the convenience of a retail store. The mission of The Wild Ramp is to operate a year-round community-supported market that provides a viable economic outlet for local food producers while providing consumers access to locally grown agricultural products. Our vision is to supply a consistent, abundant supply of local food and to educate the community so that they recognize the impact their food buying decisions have on the local economy. Our core values are local economy, community, self-reliance, health, and environment. We seek to support local farmers and food entrepreneurs by connecting them with resources for growth and development and ensure that consumers get healthy food that has traveled the shortest distance to Huntington. 

The Wild Ramp is open year-round, six days each week in order to increase the accessibility and convenience of purchasing local foods for consumers. The consignment based sales model benefits farmers, by returning $0.80 per $1.00 of product sold. The Wild Ramp is also engaged in a variety of community and economic development programs sponsored by the City of Huntington and other statewide and regional partners. The Wild Ramp is designed to increase consumer access in a way that benefits farmers and uses the positive contribution of local foods as a strategy for community redevelopment.

We believe that any community can leverage its assets to address a community need. Through a partnership with Unlimited Future, we have created a workshop designed to help other communities create meaningful community projects that contribute to revitilization and economic development. 

Who should attend? What should we bring? What is the cost? 

Communities interested in starting their own local food market or other local foods project should select 2-3 representatives to attend the workshop. Good representatives are leaders in community organizations or nonprofits, farmers, and individuals involved in local government.

Bring your brain-power! This workshop will require thinking to create your action plan. There will be a workbook to guide us through the day, with plenty of space to write down ideas! We will also provide plenty of coffee, tea, water, and a healthy lunch to keep you fueled up. 

The cost of this workshop is $100 for a team of three and you must register as a team. This fee covers the costs of lunch and the printed materials that you will take home with you. 

Have questions? Need more information? 

Please contact me if you have questions about registration, fees, or special dietary requests.

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