Monday May 8, 2017 at 9:00 AM PDT
Friday May 12, 2017 at 5:00 PM PDT

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Hilton Garden Inn 
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Jamie Hanrahan 
Azius LLC 

Windows Internals and Performance Toolkit workshop 

This workshop-format seminar brings our flagship  Core Windows Internals seminar together with a series of practical exercises featuring the Windows Performance Toolkit. 

The Windows Performance Toolkit is a freely available tool from Microsoft. It consists primarily of Windows Performance Recorder (WPR), which can record "trace" data (available from over 1,100 operating system components), and the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA), which displays the collected trace information graphically. 

Windows professionals can benefit from WPT in a great many ways. Both I.T. professionals  and developers can use the toolkit to troubleshoot memory leaks, identify code that uses excessive CPU, and determine the causes of latencies. And by "developers" we include all types: kernel mode, user mode, managed code of all varieties, base Windows APIs, PowerShell, scripting...

The Windows Performance Toolkit is extremely flexible and powerful, but like most such tools it requires knowledge to use. Extensive, in-depth, and current knowledge of Windows internals is essential - both to select appropriate data for collection (from the tens of thousands of counters and trace points that are available) and to interpret the resulting traces. That is why we've integrated the presentation of WPT into our Core Windows Internals seminar. 

We will examine all of the key major components of the operating system. We'll show how the system "hosts" various types of applications, services, and other code, which components of Windows provide and manage various resources and functions (such as CPU time, I/O, memory, etc.), and how various types of "managed" code are supported. For each functional area of the system we will describe the WPT "providers" that can provide information about their activities, along with the code module names and important routine names that will appear in the WPA traces.

Several built-in utilities, the SysInternals tools, and the Windows debugging tools will also be presented and used, both as aids to understanding the internals principles and as analysis tools for problem situations. 


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