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National Consortium of Breast Centers 

CBEC Renewal 2017 

CBE certification must be renewed annually. To receive the annual renewal, CBE Certified Breast Health Care Professionals are required to submit a completed renewal application and five hours of continuing education in breast health care.

Active Certification Requirements:

Completing the Renewal Application Form

Contact Information: Please enter all of your contact information as requested.

 Completing the CEU Validation Form - What is required?

Name of Conference: Identify the conference name, if the CEU was for a session which was part of a conference.

Conference/Session Host:  The name of the organization/business hosting the conference or if the session is not part of a conference, the entity hosting the session.

Session/Course Title: Self-explanatory

Faculty Names: Name of speaker(s), presenter(s) or instructor(s).

CEU Provider: The name of the entity that stands behind the CEU and awards the CEU certificate.

The purpose of the continuing education credits requirement is to ensure the Certified Clinical Breast Examiner, who is not required to retest for the renewal year, continues to provide enhanced breast patient care through the annual expansion of his/her knowledge base of breast patient care.

The individual applying for Active Certification Renewal is required to have earned, between certification applications, 5 CEUs whose content reflects breast care information. 

Breast care credits may include content that includes administration, personal growth or general medical information.  This may cover content such as billing and coding of patient procedures/care, handling work related stress, anger/grief management, male breast cancer, balancing work and personal time, goal setting, etc.  These examples reflect content that will assist the professional with their personal growth and expand a professional’s general knowledge base that we believe will result in enhanced patient care.

Breast care credits may also include content that includes treatment and/or care information. This may include lymphedema treatment; complications of breast surgery, breast patient treatment planning, communicating and interacting with the patient, patient information flow, role of the navigator, fatigue and its management, cancer’s impact on all family members, etc. 

 Renewal Fee:

Identify and complete the required method of renewal fee payment.  The fee is $51 for renewal and you must have an active NCBC membership.  After this renewal cycle you will be decertified if you do not have a current NCBC membership.


Based upon the type of certification being requested, submit the completed application accompanied by the required forms.  Renewal information must be received no later than June 30th of the year for which renewal is being requested.

Also, as a reminder, re-certification is required every 5 years.  If you don't remember when you are required to re-test on performance, please email me at 


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