July 2017

Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom

Presents her superb three day 

CEASE Certification Course for Homeopaths

"Kim is amazing! Very skilled, highly inspirational, warm, and just brilliant! I have already recommended the course to everyone of my colleagues :)"

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A smashing modern facility in central Birmingham.

Public transport - It is a 15 minute walk from Birmingham New Street station. It is easily accessed from Birmingham airport and many parts of the UK.

Parking - there is parking available on site. It can be booked online here

Conference Aston, Hotel and Conference Centre 
Aston Street
The Aston Triangle,
Birmingham B4 7ET
United Kingdom

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Course Hours

Please note that Kim starts on time so arrive early!

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Friday July 14th - Registration 9:00 am, Course 9:30 till 17:00
Saturday July 15th - 9:00 till 17:00
Sunday July 16th - 10:00 till 16:00 (approx.)


Student room

Student accommodation is available for 66 a night Breakfast is 12 extra. Please book this with me

Conference centre room

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Carol Fieldhouse 
Refreshing Horizons 

What previous course attendees have said:

"This is the best homeopathy course I have ever done and I am so moved by Kim's huge energy, commitment and passion. She is an inspiration to me and I am deeply grateful that my life has brought me to meet her and have the opportunity to study such an extraordinary application of homeopathy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Kim is an excellent teacher! Timing excellent. Delivery superb! Clear, ordered,varied pace. I loved that she supported our own experiences/methods and reassured us that this was a model that worked but which because we and our patients are individuals we would adapt. Kim is professional and supportive and approachable,and patient!Stamina awesome!"

"Kim is amazing! Very skilled, highly inspirational, warm, and just brilliant! I have already recommended the course to everyone of my colleagues :)"

"I thought it was brilliant, I enjoyed every moment of it, there was no point when I thought any information etc could have been omitted."

"For 3 days Kim managed to keep us all interested and almost on tender hooks. She kept the atmosphere light,despit the heavy nature of the subject. Her generousity to the students and copassion for the her young clients shone through her delivery. Most importantly, she simplified a complex method and made it clear and easy to use. More to learn.."

"I loved the course, it was very inspiring. Kim is amazing!!It really opened a new road for my pratice."

"The CEASE course was extremely well run, Kim is a walking bank of knowledge, expertly answering questions throughout her teaching, and explaining things clearly"

"Fabulous teaching, inspiring content and brilliant delivery. I'd recommend to anyone to look at doing the CEASE training."

About the organiser

Carol Fieldhouse, the owner and driving force behind Refreshing Horizons Ltd. which is based in the North Carol Fieldhouse - Refreshing Horizons Cotswolds in the UK.

I am a Registered Homeopath and Advanced CEASE Practitioner. Organising this course for Kim is a real pleasure. CEASE is so much more than "just" a therapy for Autistic Spectrum children and can help with a wide range of conditions. I am passionate about getting this knowledge more widely known and used.

I cannot recommend Kim's teaching style and abundant knowledge highly enough. You'll get so much out of this course!

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Conference Aston, Hotel and Conference Centre

Birmingham, UK Conference Aston

14-16 July 2017

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Hundreds of homeopaths have now successfully qualified as certified CEASE practitioners…will you be next? This English-speaking CEASE Certification Course for the Homeopathic Treatment of Autism Spectrum and Other Similar Chronic Diseases is an intensive 3 day event for practitioners experienced with homeopathy for chronic care, and is being held in the centre of Birmingham, UK.

This is an approved course taught by an approved CEASE instructor. All participants who complete the course and pass the short online exam are eligible to advertise and identify themselves as certified CEASE Therapists, and to be listed on the official CEASE website.

"CEASE is being used for far more than just autism spectrum these days – many modern chronic diseases that have obstacles to cure at their root respond beautifully with CEASE where classical homeopathy was unable to fully accomplish healing. CEASE is an excellent tool in any homeopath’s toolkit for healing the ills that arise from the toxic influences of our modern world." Kim Kalina 

Kim is a highly experienced certified homeopath, CEASE practitioner and homeopathic teacher. She trained directly with Tinus Smits in 2005 and worked closely with him on developing CEASE Therapy and teaching Inspiring Homeopathy until his death in April 2010, at which time she agreed to continue developing and spreading this important work around the world. Kim is trained as a classical homeopath and has been teaching and mentoring at homeopathic schools for over 15 years. She is one of the five approved instructors for the CEASE Organization (the others being in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden), and brings extensive experience in both teaching and clinical case management to the CEASE community.

The course will cover

  • how to individualise, evaluate the need for and accurately apply each of the core components of CEASE - Isotherapy Remedies, Orthomolecular Supplements and the 'Saturday' Remedies
  • how to recognise which cases are best suited to CEASE vs Classical Homeopathy
  • the additional case-taking skills, questions and information needed in a CEASE case
  • the key ' Saturday' remedies, potencies and posology indicated in autism cases, as well as other frequently indicated remedies in general CEASE cases - including specific Inspiring Homeopathy, Matridonal and Sarcode remedies.
  • the key Orthomolecular supports needed to support cellular detoxification in various types of CEASE cases, including supplements, vitamins, baths, etc.
  • how to apply and adjust the Isotherapy components of CEASE, including resources for info about drugs, vaccines etc. and extensive vaccine charts Kim has personally developed to enable practitioners to quickly identify which vaccine may need to be cleared based on unique characteristic symptoms of each
  • how to manage CEASE cases - this is perhaps the single most important aspect of the training, and Kim uses several of her own cases (not just autism cases), as well as FAQ's from clients and practitioners, to take participants through many follow-ups, crises, etc. so that practitioners can learn how to handle the many case management issues that can arise and how to correctly interpret and manage each one
  • how to manage herxheimer reactions - don't know what these are? This is essential info if you want to use CEASE safely and appropriately!
  • other supports and therapies that are very beneficial in CEASE cases, particularly in the management of these complex cases - specific cell salts, bowel nosodes, flower essences and additional therapies to consider that can help the healing process to unfold much more gently and easily

Apply early to join this course, interest is expected to be high.

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We have chosen a venue that can provide classroom style seating so you have a desk to use for note taking and drinks and a hopefully pleasant environment.
Kim packs a massive amount of information into this course (see the testimonials on the left side of this page!) making it fantastic value for money and a very full three days -  it will expand the way you use homeopathy.

Price:  Full price (after 15th May) 449

Includes drinks and snacks at breaktimes and a three course lunch each day.
[Aready a Certified CEASE practitioner? we offer a 70 discount if you'd like to come along]

Good news! we have plenty of attendees so (barring unforeseen circumstances) this seminar will happen.

Admissions close 29th JUNE OR when the course is full, if earlier. 

The price includes

  • Three day certification course
  • 50 page printed course handout
  • Course reference materials in electronic format in Google Drive. Please ensure you have an email you can access Google Drive with. To set it up on google go to https://www.google.com/drive/ . (You need to tell us that email address on the registration form so we can send out the pre-course reading in that way.)
  • A course certificate when you pass the short online test (within a week of completing the course).
  • Tea/Coffee and snacks on arrival and at break times
  • Lunch - three course buffet-style lunch (please put any dietary requirements on your booking form).

Click the "Book Now" button to register on line. You can pay via Paypal or select payment method of "check" to post a cheque to me or pay by BACS (ask me for details).

IMPORTANT - Eligibility/requirements for attendance/certification:

If you are not a practicing homeopath or have not yet completed your homeopathic training please do not apply as your registration will not be accepted.
  • Registrants must be *qualified homeopaths who have completed their homeopathic trainingand use homeopathy as their primary modality for chronic care in their current practice. *Qualified homeopaths are those who have successfully completed a bare minimum of 25 chronic cases unsupervised and are comfortable with the management of clients concurrently taking allopathic medications.
  • Registrants must attend the entire course, and pass the short online test within one week of completion of the course, in order to become certified in CEASE Therapy.

Once you have registered you will receive an email directly from me, Carol Fieldhouse, confirming receipt of your registration within 7 business days – if not, please email me (info@refreshinghorizons.com), occasionally registrations do get lost in cyberspace!

Pre-course reading materials

  1. Tinus Smits' Autism Beyond Despair book 
  2. Kim will also send out a link to some pre-course reading materials in the Google drive. (You will need to look in the 'shared with me' section on your Google drive to read it. Doing this before you attend the course will ensure that you are able to access the full online course materials later, when you are a certified pracititoner.)

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Check through the booking form to make sure you have all the information to hand before filling it in.

Upon successful completion of the course and examination:

  • You receive a Certificate from the CEASE Organization in the Netherlands suitable for framing (now provided electronically at the end of the online test).
  • You can join a (Secret) CEASE Facebook group for practitioners which has worldwide members. Kim is an active member of it.
  • You get a listing on Kim's website, from which you can receive referrals http://uheal.net/CEASE.htm

You can choose to join the CEASE Organization in the Netherlands - registration is 50 Euros registration fee paid directly to them - NOT included in course fee because it is entirely optional.

If you decide to register with the CEASE organisation, it provides:

  • Your name and details listed on the official CEASE web site (www.cease-therapy.com) as a resource for potential clients. It has a good map search facility so they can find you fairly easily.
  • Access to the Intranet Forum to share information with other qualified CEASE practitioners, receive continual updates on CEASE therapy as new developments arise and receive support from colleagues and experienced practitioners with difficult cases.  Highly recommended because CEASE is now worldwide.