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about MCGF, a growing community that supports Christian organizations and initiatives in the Madison area.

Girls bible study supported by MCGF

Jesus Lunches at Middleton High School received a grant from MCGF
Donations from MCGF support Brat Fest at Lifest
MCGF sponsors an annual campaign to raise funds for area ministries. Donors can pledge support in the categories of Evangelism, Human Needs, Social Justice and Children & Youth.  

Touching Lives: God's Love in Action Campaign Dinner | September 26

What would it look like if we truly followed God's plan for generosity? Stuart & Jill Briscoe will share a glimpse into God's plan for generosity in Madison! Learn how you can show God's love in action by supporting the Madison Christian Giving Fund (MCGF) at their annual campaign dinner on September 26. This group of Christians are making a significant impact for God's Kingdom in the Madison area! Since 2014, the Fund has raised $343,000 in private donations and awarded 56 grants to over 40 ministries. For the first time, the public is invited to join in supporting this exemplary ministry.

You are invited to be part of the first public MCGF fundraising effort by registering to attend the dinner on September 26!

Your support at this event will enable MCGF to fund Christian ministries in the areas of Evangelism, Human Needs, Social Justice and Children & Youth in the Madison area. Examples of past grants awarded include: funding Lifest stage at Bratfest, high school "Jesus Lunches" and a chaplain at an inpatient detox center.

If you would like to touch lives for Christ with the Gospel Message but are unable to attend the campaign dinner, please donate now to make your tax-deductible contribution.

Who is National Christian Foundation?

National Christian Foundation (NCF) Wisconsin is a nonprofit ministry that oversees the Madison Christian Giving Fund and Madison Christian Generosity Council. As a community of like-minded Kingdom builders, their mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a community of generous givers, as well as help ministries increase the generosity and giving of their major donors.

Who is the Madison Christian Generosity Council?

The Madison Christian Generosity Council (MCGC) is a strategic partner working in conjunction with NCF Wisconsin. MCGC is a group of like-minded volunteers who share a passion and desire to make a significant impact in the generosity movement to further Christ’s Kingdom in the Madison area. Their mission is to encourage and facilitate generous, joyful giving to Christian ministries.

Who is the Madison Christian Giving Fund?

The Madison Christian Giving Fund is the fundraising and grand-making arm of MCGC. Volunteers raise funds to support faith-based initiatives to expand Christ's Kingdom in the Madison vicinity. Ministry areas supported include Evangelism, Human Needs, Social Justice and Children & Youth.  In just three years, $343,000 (raised primarily from private donations) has been distributed by MCGF to support over 40 ministries.