Tuesday, October 31, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
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Tremont Lodge & Resort 
7726 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Townsend, TN 37882

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2017 Summit Pre-Conference Workshops 

Amazing appetizers for the 2017 Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit...these 3 phenomenal pre-conference workshops! - Metering Demystified with Charles Glatzer (classroom and field work) - Master Photo Field Techniques with Bill Fortney (classroom only) - Photographing Elk in Cataloochee with Brett Wells (field work only)

*Metering Demystified with Charles Glatzer - Tuesday, October 31st 9am-5pm - $195

Seminar to include classroom discussion and in-field application.

 Meter Patterns determine exposure, Priority Modes change variables. All Metering Patterns and methods will work, some are simply easier to implement than others in certain circumstances. Learn how and when to use the various patterns and modes to your best advantage. The relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO will also be discussed. The advantages and detriments of Manual and Av priority modes will be covered at length. Easy to remember tips and techniques will be provided. What matters most is that a pattern or method affords the photographer a consistent means of determining exposure. Chas will provide program participants with a firm understanding of metering fundamentals so that they can quickly make an informed decision, coming away with the envisioned image, regardless of the lighting circumstance. The ultimate goal is to put creative control back into the hands of the photographer.

  Shoot the Light In Field Program: Practical metering in the field

Participants will learn how to recognize which metering pattern, priority mode, or reference value is most efficient to quickly render their exposure of choice. Practical in field application of Manual and Av priority modes will be put to use. AE lock and more will be covered. You will walk away from this program with a renewed sense of confidence, exposure will regardless of circumstance no longer be problematic. 

* Master Photo Field Techniques with Bill Fortney - Tuesday, October 31st 10am-5pm - $99

Spend the day in the classroom with Bill Fortney learning how to master photography field techniques.  This workshop is geared toward intermediate and advanced level photographers.  Bill will also be conducting individual image critiques as a part of this workshop.

* Photograph the Elk in Cataloochee with Brett Wells - Tuesday, October 31st 5:30am-2pm - $59

Travel to Cataloochee (a beautiful area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park about 2 hours from Tremont Lodge) to photograph the elk in the early morning light.  Brett will be your guide and instructor on the ways to get the best shots.  He will have Sigma long lenses on hand for those of you shooting Nikon or Canon that you can borrow for the day to get up close and personal with the elk, without having to do just that!  For the Fuji shooters who might be going, we are going to do our best to have some 100-400mm lenses there for you to use as well!  Along with the elk, there are some beautiful historic structures that are fun to explore and photograph along with the breathtaking scenery itself.  You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from Cataloochee, but we encourage you to carpool with other participants and will help you set that up once you arrive at Tremont!

Cancellation policy - The same cancellation policy applies here as it does to the Summit event itself with the exception of the administrative fee.  There will be no administrative fee if you must cancel your pre-conference workshop before September 1, 2017.  If you cancel between September 1st and September 30, 2017, you will receive a 50% refund.  If you cancel after September 30, 2017, there is no refund available.