Thursday September 21, 2017 at 5:00 PM MDT
Tuesday September 26, 2017 at 11:00 AM MDT

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Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. 
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“Journey of the Sacred Heart”
Meditation Retreat
In Sedona, Arizona

PRESENTERS:  Richard Jelusich & Lisa Steels DATES: September 21 - 26, 2017


Our Journey is about connecting to sacred sites; remembering who we are and how we are a part of all creation.  The indigenous peoples came here to Sedona
to do ceremony and to bury their dead in the niches in the cliffs.
Sedona is one of the ‘Navels of the Earth’, where the spirit and the material meet.  This is where
the telluric (electrical) and ley line energies converge to form vortexes; where space and time are in great flux.

The ancient peoples came here as well, to charge the vortexes as well as to gain insight and inspiration from their prayers and meditations here.

Therefore, we will be concentrating very much on ceremony and meditation at several of the Sedona vortexes; tuning in to the specific energies at each site.
Our collective presence there in this Journey of the Sacred Heart is also of the conscious intention to charge the Earth Grid in bringing about the
Golden Era of Inner Trans-formation.”

You will have ample time for personal private reflection at each site!!

Testamonials from 2015    
                                                            Reflections Journey of the Sacred Heart 

One of the most delightful experiences for me  was when we were heading to a
new  location to Mediate and  have lunch.  As we wound up this trail, at first I heard  what thought it must be a  slight wind in the trees but then, after coming around a bend  on this remote rugged trail we heard an saw this gentleman, just sitting beside the trail, playing an Indian flute . Fate??  A special greeting?? He said he was only there  for a short time and was finishing playing as we arrived.  His, beautiful but somewhat eerie sounds  floating, wafting  high up into the rocky mesa’s  as we proceeded on.
What a prefect prelude to our Meditation.   
                                                                     ~ Harry B.

                                                                                                      I Found My 'Self'
Upond arriving and joining this retreat I learned that finding my 'self' and letting go of the past was to be one of the more healing and profound experiences that I could        have ever imagined.
                                                           ~ S.A.

Testamonial from 2016 

I had never expereinced kundalini yoga before or visited a vortex! I could not beleive the energy I felt as soon as I arrived - everyone was so friendly and helpful. Deirdre made me feel right at home and the Butterfly Garden Inn was just what I needed. I unplugged from my daily route opening to the flow of something new. I will be back next year. THANK YOU! Dr. Jelusich and Lisa Steels for an amazing journey. 
                                                       ~ L.V.

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