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Thursday, March 22, 2017
1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 11:00 AM

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CAMA Alberta Webinar

Speaker:  Kristine Langlois, Event Manager, FarmTech

Topic: " Getting the most out of your trade show sponsorship dollars."

Topic Overview
Join CAMA Alberta for a webinar given by Kristine Langlois,  Event Manager of FarmTech, and learn about how to engage sponsors and partners in your events and marketing. She will cover topics like building relationships with sponsors, how to sell effective sponsorship packages filled with value - the art of sponsorship event segmentation and delve into what brands are looking for when deciding to sponsor events. 

About Kristine

Kristine has been producing events and organizing sponsorship for over 10 years, and managing the annually sold-out FarmTech since 2012. She's a director on a theatre company board, and is a member of IABC. Coffee and dry shampoo are her greatest tools.  


Webinar Details
Date:  Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Time:  11:00am MST & CDT / 12:00pm CST / 1:00pm EST
Cost:  $30 (incl. GST)

Webinar Sponsor

Thank you to Annex Business Media for providing the webinar platform for the webinar.

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