Friday, April 28, 2017 at 7:00 PM CDT
Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 5:00 PM CDT

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D14 Airsoft 
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D14 Airsoft 
D14 Airsoft 

Dagestan: Battle of Argun Gorge 

February 2000

The Russians have retaken Grozny. The most battle torn city on earth has fallen quiet. Most Chechens trapped inside Grozny by the Russian siege were slaughtered as they ran the gauntlet. Large groups of Russian forces circle the city. Mine fields, ambushes, and the worsening winter made escape a living hell for the Chechens. Now the surviving rebels' only goal is to reach Dagestan - friendly territory.

Chechen forces disperse and head toward the border. Victory is so close that the Russians can taste it. They hope to trap the fleeing Chechens and destroy them. The Chechens' escape route leads them through several small villages and to  Argun Gorge. Weather is poor, supplies are low.

Despite the Russians well laid trap, first contact between the belligerents is chaotic and ill prepared. The Russian troops are positioned poorly and the Chechen columns are separated. Chechen recon units realize the Russians in their path are not much in strength.

Emir Khattab maneuvers his units around the isolated Russian troops. The hunters become the hunted.

Q. When is this event?

A. April 29th however there will be a night game on the 28th 

Q. How much is this event?

A. Preregistration price is $60 per ticket. Walk ons will be an additional $5 if the event does not sell out. 

Q. What are the uniform requirements for the Russian faction?

A. Woodland, digital woodland/marpat, od green. 

Q. Are authentic Russian kits allowed?

A. Yes as long as they are green based. 

Q. What are the uniform requirements for the Chechens?

A. Civilian clothing is suggested. Absolutely no green. Black and black based camos (including black multicam) will be chechen. 

Q. What team is ACU on?

A. Acu is not allowed for this event. 

Q. Is Multicam allowed?

A. No, not for this event. 

Q. Is camping allowed?

A. Yes. Camping will be allowed and encouraged Friday night. 

Q. Is full auto allowed?

A. No. SAWs will the the only class allowed to shoot full auto. 

Q. Are high caps allowed?

A. Yes but you will be limited to 4 on your person. We suggest midcaps for the best experience. 

Q. How many mid caps can I carry?

A. There will not be a limit.

Q. Can I run a box mag on my m4?

A. No. 

Q. Why not?

A. Because I said so.

Q. What will the medic rules be?

A. Standard IFAK. 2 per person.